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Career & Work 519 views Mar 20, 2015
evergrande real estate cheap fifa 15 coins ps4

Billion in 2012, evergrande cheap fifa 15 coins ps4 real estate investment in the first team has reached 700 million Yuan. Referred to in accordance with evergrande real estate management in the past 3 years, evergrande has spent more than 1.7 billion dollars in football. 2013 Guangzhou evergrande football invested over 1 billion yuan, and there is no significant problem. Such of inputs put in in the Super League undoubtedly is astronomical, and put in European League, also absolute in middle level from 2010 constant big took over football has, constant big total obtained has (2010 season in the methyl League champion, 2011 season in the Super champion, 2012 season Super Cup champion, and in the Super champion and FA Cup champion) 5 seat champion trophy, and October 6, constant big in away beat Luneng, ahead of won has 2013 season of in the Super champion, 6th seat trophy has income SAC in the. Evergrande Football Club honours since China's professional soccer league's new record has been created. While the AFC final, FA Cup semi-finals, evergrande is likely to complete the Triple Crown during the year of Albert, and Asian League will create a new record, evergrande football is bound to become a monument to Super League clubs from group level, evergrande football for evergrande real estate group brand exposure effect is evident to all. For example, on April 2, 2012, Super opening ceremony held in Guangzhou, 25 television stations broadcast live over more than 300 media reports. On the 11 players wearing "evergrande" two words vest, its effect is difficult to estimate as Xu jiayin, evergrande real estate group Board Chairman puts it, "CCTV advertising probably 1 second of 150,000 yuan, a ball for at least 90 minutes for time conversion, worth a fortune. But in another way, with a fraction of their income, to throw the football, that effect might have been different. ”