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Family & Home 558 views Feb 08, 2015
their pride of Old Trafford

Experienced the cheap fifa 15 ultimate team coins devastating storms of youth at the beginning of the season, Giants Manchester United finally fell, in their pride of Old Trafford, collapsed in the rivals under Blue Moon army sword, it may be the most important game of the season 1-6 in the League, bloody disgrace fixed in the score the scoreboard at Old Trafford. NET 5 goals Manchester United's last home game, also dates back to 50 years ago, 2-7 defeat to Sheffield United in the FA Cup, and lose so miserably in the Manchester Derby, then goes back to February 1955 home game 0-5 defeat to Manchester City. Home opponents scored 6 goals in the top flight, is traced back to 81 years ago, the September 1930, when the Red Devils 0-6 and 4-7 defeat by Huddersfield and Newcastle. After entering the Premier League era, United has been Newcastle 5-0 bloodbath in October 1996, also in October 1999, lost to Chelsea 0-5, but that's happening on the road. Defeat in this game would be completely lost, 11 of 22 shots and the ball 48.9%, passing success 84% 86.2%, tackles success rate 75%, conceding 143 120, anti-robbing times 47 52. topgamesclub No wonder Ferguson said in frustration after the match: "it was the worst day we've ever had." Not long ago Manchester United 8 2 bloody arsenal Arshavin, one of the victims, even on Twitter: "I don't think Manchester City's victory over Manchester United that rocked more than his death. ”