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Entertainment 571 views Feb 05, 2015
the main purpose of the trip

But he also said, in 2015 and buy fifa 15 coins baton handed over to UEFA President Michel Platini 61 Qatar man Hamann, also at the UEFA meeting yesterday, the main purpose of the trip was to join hands to Michel Platini. Moreover, he also won FIFA President election, Harman promised this election success after only 4 years, and in 2015 in favour of Platini's run for FIFA President. He said: "to say I'm not going to talks with Platini on cooperation which was a lie, in order to campaign joined forces with Michel Platini is the content of the talks. Salman after the May 2 election as AFC President, also serves as FIFA (FIFA) Executive Committee. AFC in total three FIFA Executive Committee members, except for Salman, other people being Thailand Manila because people after finishing one and Sri Lanka who joined Harman bribery, has been FIFA Soccer activity penalty. While he was grounded, FIFA and the AFC did not elect or appoint new Commissioners, the position has been vacant within the AFC more suitable candidates in addition to replace Manila as the FIFA Executive Committee Zhang Jilong, a Qatar man Zu Wadi, he had this position had long been. In Kernan's view, there are many Somalis who was introduced to the world, and introduce ways and wrong. Therefore, he always tries to defend Somalia. Full of corruption and bloodshed in Somalia is not normal, Somali warlords and pirates are not the only, but the Western media is often overlooked.