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Career & Work 468 views Jan 26, 2015
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On the other side, when Zhang Jilong of the outgoing Acting President of the Asian Football Confederation has earned the respect of everybody. FIFA President Sepp Blatter, the new edition of the AFC President Salman were Zhang Jilong Acting President for two years in his speech highly, cheap fifa 15 coins praise he led AFC through a most difficult time. Blatter also Zhang Jilong presented silk banner on behalf of FIFA, in recognition of his contribution to the Asian and World Football AFC were Zhang Jilong said in a speech in the past two years, also make honest recommendations to the incoming President. Just 3 minutes later, North Korea has just lost the ball trying to precondition formation opportunities, Yu Hai, sent out an exact diagonal, Gao Lin Zhong Lu, fast forward headed in, scoring 2:0. This eventually kept the score at the end. After the clash, Gao Hongbo to coach national soccer team made warm-up match 3 in a row, the last 6 games unbeaten in international tournaments with a. Military leader Tantawi sent two military aircraft to the site and is responsible for the transfer of Al-ahly's players and fans injured. Tantawi said that the military would find those hiding behind riot port said fans of the alleged plot. "Anywhere else in the world, similar events may occur, but we are not behind on the loose. Of course, Australia's bid for the Asian Cup continued rejection, because at present there is only one country Asian Cup bid, not surprisingly, Australia will be the host of the 2015 Asian Cup. In fact, Australia is an important step for the 2022 World Cup bid campaign. It is understood that currently Australia in World Cup bid process beneficial to the situation, if they can be supported by the Asian Football Confederation and FIFA, while amassing popularity and experience with Asian Cup, then the odds will no doubt be even greater.