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Balance 639 views Mar 30, 2015
Xur's Location And Upgraded Exotics From Destiny

The "Destiny" vendor Xur: Agent is back in the game for another week of selling upgraded exotic to the players.


For the location of Xur this weekend, the International Digital Times reported that he can be found in the Hall of Guardians which is near the Crucible quartermaster. The players can do business with him until 9am GMT on Sunday, March 29.

According to VG24/7, the "Destiny" Inventory for March 27 to 29 includes upgraded armors such as Achlyophage Symbiote that increased throw distance, Crest of Alpha Lupi that can carry more ammo for Auto Rifles, The Armamentarium that carry more ammo for heavy weapons and special weapons.

The other upgraded armor includes No Backup Plans that increased the duration of force barrier, Skull of Dire Ahamkara which has more super energy from Grenade kills and Apotheosis Veil that replenish health when the players pick up an Orb.

Furthermore, the upgraded weapons offered by Xur this weekend include Bad Juju which has a bonus accuracy while firing from the hip, The Last Word that has an extra precision damage when firing from the hip, Thorn which rounds pierce targets and cause lingering damage over time.

Other weapons are Invective which regenerates ammo over time, the Pocket Infinity that fires in full auto mode and has a chance to return rounds that miss to the magazine and the Thunderlord that fires faster.

Moreover, the "Destiny" vendor will offer weapons and gear that include Ruin Wings an exotic titan gauntlet for 13 strange coins, Achlyophage Symbiote an exotic hunter helmet cost 13 strange coins, Obsidian Mind an exotic warlock helmet for 13 strange coins, MIDA Multi-Tool which is an exotic scout rifle for 23 strange coins, Exotic Shard for seven strange coins and Exotic Engram for 23 motes of light.

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