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Business 2,472 views Mar 18, 2015
FIFA 15: Rakitic said that Barcelona is currently focused on th

After Thursday's training session, Ivan - Rakitic attended regular correspondent conference, he introduced the team to prepare for the recent situation.


Although Barcelona will play against Manchester City and Real Madrid in the next week, but Rakitic said: "At present our most important task is the Primera Liga on Saturday against Ewald We must respect the opponent, will do everything to prepare to play their full. level. We know that a war with Ewald is a tough game, they are a good team. Although a few months ago, we beat them at the Nou Camp, but this is Ewald home, I I believe they will make trouble for us. "


Reporters mention next week's two main event again, Rakitic said:. "Since you asked, then I can only say that we value every game, including this week and next week's game from the integration perspective This week and next week against Ewald League against Real Madrid in the league are worth 3 points, we have to win. The game against Manchester City is the Champions League, next week we'll talk. "


Barcelona wings backs Alves and Alba are absent will be suspended round of La Liga, Rakitic said:. "They are two very important players, but we are a great team."


Mascherano yellow card suspension crisis exists, whether round Rakitic it will serve as a defensive midfielder? Rakitic replied: "For me, playing defensive midfield role is not new, the past season and I are functional in this position compared with my previous experience, playing in Barcelona defensive midfielder is completely different. work, the need for different skills, but I know I can be competent. "


Next week's game against Manchester City and Real Madrid, if not promptly return Busquets, whether it will continue to serve as Rakitic midfield work? Rakitic said:. "If the coach arranged for me to play, I will strive to be perfect, I always eager to play, do not care what race, I just want to help the team win games in Barcelona, ​​and there is no absolute meaning of defense midfielder, each player must provide for the team's offensive help, always pay attention to the location of the front of his teammates. I can adapt to many locations, ready at any time to do a good job playing, I'm still young, energetic. "


Talked about the recent state of the team, Rakitic said: "This is a long season, there are a lot of twists and turns of the most difficult stage is now, but also the most exciting part we must remain focused, we can not make any mistakes... is the world's best clubs, a lot of pressure, but the pressure is also the impetus for our pursuit of victory. We must always seek improvements worth, all players have the same desire. "


Finally, Rakitic spoke Barcelona Trident: "They are the world's best three players, there is such a teammate in the side, is a happy thing, I know everyone is very fond of these three great striker. . "



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