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Intention & Manifestation 951 views Feb 13, 2017
Absolutist that admitting the bread

 The Kano Accompaniment Government says it is spending N7.8 billion annual on the transaction of salaries to noncombatant servants.The Accompaniment Acting Governor, Prof Hafiz Abubakar, arise this on Wednesday if the Absolutist of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi II, paid him the adequate Sallah admiration at the Government House.He said that over N3 billion was for salaries of accompaniment government workers, N2.5 billion for primary academy agents and N1.5 billion for bounded board workers.Abubakar said the government consistently pay the workers as at if due admitting the bread-and-butter condition.

He said, “I ambition to acquaint his Aristocratic Highness, the Absolutist that admitting the bread-and-butter recession in the country, the accompaniment government does not owe workers a abandoned Kobo as at today.“It is our attitude that transaction of bacon is an obligation to any austere government, appropriately our accommodation to ensure that workers are paid as at if due”The acting governor said the administering was aswell bent to complete all advancing aloft projects accomplished by the absolute accomplished administration