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Business 270 views Dec 29, 2014
Same, the former Inter Milan gamer

Same, the former Inter Milan gamer - Sneijder can not into fifacoins2u, he led Inter Milan won the five-time champ, 5 objectives make Holland win the runner-up of World Cup.As the big idol of the In german get the Brazil's World Cup, record should take a position the part of Neuer.2. Platini - The Fantastic Worlds to German"In the World Cup Year, Fantastic Worlds must be given the champ of World Cup.

"We know after Messi won the Fantastic World truly, resulting in a greater discussion and the gossips of FIFA sketchy improve. In 2014, the efficiency of C Ronaldo and Messi is not ideal, so if the Fantastic Golden offer them with in now, equivalent the FIFA gets himself to the discussion stage again.3.

The "Guard" Concept of NeuerThe goalie Neuer own durability is the first on the world, but even more important, he revealed a new picture of recent soccer goalie. A goalie operating 5 miles in whole activity, brush protection before the limited area, take part the management football together with his backcourt partner, and become the first instigator in fighting the backcourt though throw-in and sneakers.

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