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Humor 182 views Dec 08, 2014
First you need go to the Al Kharid Structure

First you need go to the Al Kharid Structure and look for the master, then he will ask you to discuss with Osman, you can find him at the entrance of the palace, there we start.You can buy some Cheap Runescape Gold.

Osman will ask you to discuss with Leela, who you can find at the Draynor Way, near the Prison.Leela informs you to help the prince you need to have some products below: a string, you can buy one from Ned at the Draynor manor financial institution or make one with 4 paintballs of wool; a wig, ask ned to make one with 3 paintballs of made of wool or just buy one;yellow dye, you can get one from the wizard at Draynor Way with 2 onions+5gp;red fruits, get one from the cafe the southern part of of the Varrock; water; flour, you can also buy a pot of flour at the meals shop; ashes, which you can get from the firemaking; light red dress, buy one from the outfits shop at varrock; clay-based, mining some tin and birdwatcher then smithing then you can get it; alcohol, 3 glasses, buy them or get 3 for totally free at the Batbarian Town. Then go to discuss with the wizard at the Draynor Way, ask her to use the yellow-colored dye to the wig.
After get these, discuss with Leela again, he will ask you to discuss with Woman Keli at the jail then get the brown key style with the soft clay(Do not select the last option when discussing with her).

Get the style then go returning to Al Kharid and ask Osman to get a brown key, you need to take some brown bar. After this then go to discuss with Leela again, he will educate how to attract the secure Joe away at the jail, just provide him 3 glasses of alcohol. Then discuss with lady keil and string her. Start the entrance with the key and discuss with Ali, and ask him to put on the wig and the light red clothing, after that you can keep the jail efficiently, there we complete the request.