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Other 249 views Dec 04, 2014
There is a yellow-colored stone

There is a yellow-colored stone. Mine it until you have 28 of it and then bank it. Once you bank it you can either: a. go up and folow a street to 'the huge exchange' then you take a information on it and offer your clay-based on it or b. my own some more... Then go returning to the water fall and keep going eastern until you see another bank. Then go north( you may need meals for this so get some)once you see a(!) on the minimap. Go down the manhole and battle until all your research are 5+(attack,defence and strength). Once youu do that, youu can get a metal axe from the ge and cut plants around it, offer, store cash and repeate then go on with the relax of your runescape life!By the way,the game is not difficult to Buy RS Gold.

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