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Health 340 views Aug 02, 2015
Here is where another interesting function

 Here is where another interesting function comes into perform with Contact of FUT 16 Coins. Character personalization happens outside of the coordinate. So when you start a coordinate, all your capabilities are already revealed so instead of having to stage up during a coordinate, choosing abilities to update Cheap Runescape Gold during a coordinate, and purchasing improvements and products during a coordinate, all of this is done in between suits.

A performer's idol benefits XP and gold, which varies based on if you win or lose a coordinate and how well you did, and can use that to upgrade/customize their idol after a coordinate.

If you are worried that there won't be enough personalization available for your particular idol, fear not! There will be 10 levels of possible personalization and capability improvements available. So there will be a lot of flexibility in how you usually style your personality as he/she stages up after suits.

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