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Humor 199 views Jul 29, 2015
In honor to our first and most efficient

"In honor to our first and most efficient racing activity Chundos+Turbo, we existing our next headline Turbocompresseur Tires. Get prepared for the most exciting and wonderful racing FUT 16 Coins that prevails until now. 25 Cheap Runescape Gold mini automobiles in five different categories (Sport, SS, GT, Formula & Classic), 4 nations with over 16 routes, different competition ways and much more." - Chundos Studios

What I have liked about Turbocompresseur Tires thus far is the creativity that has been put into the encounter, and its different surroundings. As with any racing activity, you have improvements for nitro, stability, top amount and speeding. You can competition against the AI, try and beat the clock by preventing challenges, go one on one, or competition for cash.