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General 266 views Jun 02, 2015
What's most striking to me is that by the time WW3

At this point, the trailer enters a Runescape Gold, as Modern Warfare's resident megalomaniac Vladimir R. Makarov offers a stilted reinterpretation of the US Army's "an army of one" credo. BRRRN like you mean it now!

What's most striking to me is that by the time WW3 flips to MW3, I'm feeling…well, not much of anything. I mean, sure, new Modern Warfare. Great. But the franchise at least used to pretend to take itself seriously, even if the message tended toward gritty melodrama.

With this most recent trailer, the only message I'm getting is that war is a goddamn rodeo. If there's an accomplishment here, it's how little emotional weight has been attached to the leveling of major global cities and the presumed deaths of millions.

The silver lining here is that Modern Warfare 3's trailer was likely the product of a marketing team at Activision, and not Infinity Ward itself. Still, this lining isn't without a dark, stormy middle, as it implies that there's no one at the top saying, "Hey, this trailer is uninspired and workmanlike. Let's try it again with feeling (and less BRRRN!)." Jason West! Vince Zampella! Why oh why did you have to go?

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