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Other 190 views May 18, 2015
To welcome RS Evolution of Combat

To welcome RS Gold Evolution of Combat and Thanksgiving holiday Day, and displaying our excellent thanks to our clients for their long-term assistance on 1strunescape publication registration, we will release a marketing for you. If you are a publication customer on 1strunescape, you will have two big existing certificates from Nov 12 to Nov 26, 2015 GMT, so there will be 15 periods for you have fun with this marketing. With the big existing we ready for you, I think your action time will be more fun.

What are the two 1strunescape existing cards?1. The two existing certificates are only for publication members.2. Use the discounted rule on the red coupon have fun with 5% discounted for RS gold.3. Use the discounted rule on the red coupon have fun with 3% discounted for RS items.4. Discount discount coupons can not be used to 1strunescape Offers and time-limited items.How to use 1strunescape coupon code?1. Choose your items on 1strunescape, and usually click “BUY NOW”.

Then you will achieve to Shopping Trolley Page.2. Feedback your discounted rule as follow.3. Match the deal, and you will have your items with the big discounted. How to Register 1strunescape Newsletter? Since our big existing certificates will be given only in our publication, please select one way to sign up our newsletter:1. Using this publication subscribe interface.

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