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Other 251 views Apr 13, 2015
For players more enthusiastic about Legendary products

For players more enthusiastic about Legendary products, 15 new Legendary abilities are being engaged to a combination of current products and new Legendary products (including armour, rings, and gems). Blizzard's preview has a look at two such abilities, such as one that causes an Increase when using the Barbarian's Runescape Gold. The other increases the damage done by the Devil Hunter's Rain of Revenge.

Nephalem and Higher Rifts are getting new templates, which should help to prevent the experience of running through those from becoming too familiar. New Rifts consist of those depending on Act I's Festering Woods, Act II's Biting Gusts of wind, and Act III's Areas of Slaughter. These map templates will be randomized, further mixing up the experience of finishing Rifts.

Adventure method is the receiver of more than 20 new bounties spread across Functions II, IV, and V. All acts will be receiving a new kind of resources, Exploration, that essentially depends upon discovering an place to find NPCs who need assistance or opponents who need to be slain.

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