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Humor 321 views Mar 29, 2015
Marvel has came out a new prolonged

Marvel has came out a new prolonged TV identify for Avengers: Age Of Buy Archeage Gold, presenting nearly a short time of previously-unseen video video.

The humorous video writes in all of the titular super characters along with series beginners Scarlet Wizard, Quicksilver and the big bad - Ultron.

Each Avenger’s mini-segment presents them via a series of personality headline credit cards before all dreadful smashes decrease as they fight against their new opponent.  

Embracing a breezier overall tone than previously trailer, this new spot’s packed with a lot of quips from Tony morrison a2z Marked and the first probability to pay attention to Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver feature.

Check out the TV identify below:

Starring David Downey Jr., Honest Evans, Honest Hemsworth, Indicate Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Fitzgibbons, Age Olsen and Wayne Spader, Avengers: Age Of Ultron comes in UK cinemas on Apr 23, and US cinemas on May 1.