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Other 227 views Jan 20, 2015
Overkill Application has declared its second yearly xmas

Overkill Application has declared its second yearly xmas heist for Pay day loan 2, which will be created available absolutely for free Buy RS Gold.

In this year’s xmas heist, gamers will help Vlad preserve his intoxicated Bosnian Norwegian brother-in-law lead who damaged his aircraft in the center of the woodlands, which just so happens to be loaded with a lot of money value of drugs. Preserving the lead will make sure the police don’t link him to Vlad, and while you’re out there, you’ll also be trying to recover as much drugs as possible as well as any other products of value you discover.

The new xmas heist will be loud-only as gamers create an effort to companion the intoxicated lead and valuable items away from the police.

Overkill Application has two extra excitement in shop, which will be started out on Wed and Friday. If you’re a fan of Pay day loan 2, you’re going to want to keep a close eye on Overkill Software’s formal web page to understand what else they have in shop.

Overkill also released a Pay day loan 2-themed xmas mom, which you can check out for yourself below.

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