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Health 297 views Jan 05, 2015
As we all know, the silverhawk feathers

As we all know, the silverhawk feathers are acquired through the Value Seeker minigame. And Down can be used on a couple of silverhawk shoes to offer the shoes with additional expenses, one cost per feather used. However, a gamer lately comes up with an concept about silverhawk feathers compensated from finishing temps at

Believe the truth or not?Why should silverhawk feathers be compensated from agility course in rs?Not only would it make actually coaching agility through programs be successful, but would be perfect if you want to change between the shoes and programs if you did not have much cash.

Besides, it would make Rate coaching successful for those that do not have shoes.These really should have been simpler to get during the marketing, considering the truth they are a seriously practical means for XP and only certain individuals handled to get shoes.Also, it could be involved as an update with the onset elf course.