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Lucid Dreaming 441 views Feb 23, 2016
Warriors Durant grab encounter difficulties

According to Fox Sports reported that the Warriors summer whether to pursue Durant had differences.

Kevin - Durant will become a free agent in the summer, a lot of teams want to be the top-five player in the introduction to his team.

Yahoo Waugh broke before God on Durant lead Warriors chase, but Fox Sports believes the Warriors might not want one of Durant's team.

According to ESPN reporter Zach - Rolle said the Warriors Durant whether the introduction of the above, the team had their differences.

The main concern is that the Warriors have now established the most appropriate to their system, but also have the most suitable player, although Durant is an outstanding talent, but whether he will become redundant in the presence of this team is not known.

The Warriors also have other concerns, such as the existing players, under the influence of age and salary and other aspects of how long to retain. So, whether the introduction of such big players Durant, for them is a dilemma of choice.

The real world is not fantasy basketball game, the Warriors could be joined at the Durant show willingness to say "no" to one of the teams.more NBA 2k16 MT on,get your MT within 30 minutes.

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