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General 452 views Jul 27, 2015
Cheap Fifa Coins images of computer on social networking.


Chelsea fans have finally proven how Oscar will appear around the new cover of FIFA 16 after EA Sports Brazil published a photo of the game's cover art.

This company confirmed latest research by that Oscar would feature alongside Lionel Messi on the Brazil cover of FIFA 16 following 23-year-old beat compatriots Neymar, Philippe Coutinho and Thiago Silva to become the star on the game.

And keen gamers, as wll as Chelsea fans, have at the moment received a look at the new FIFA 16 cover after EA Sports Cheap Fifa Coins  posted images of computer on social networking.

"Browse the #FIFA16 exclusive cover art for Brazil. @oscar8 will likely be alongside Messi!" the games company tweeted on Friday.

Gamers will be able to get their hands on a replica of FIFA 16 when it's fifacoinfootaball  released in September.