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Success 721 views Apr 24, 2015
group was very Cheap Fifa 15 Coins tight

On the opening day, Kullashi had scored to give Sweden single-1 draw against Denmark, missing ten-goal qualifying round top scorer Signe Bruun, promoted Cheap Fifa 15 Coins   towards the U19 team who earned the place into their European finals earlier this month. Norway beat Austria 3-2 then overcame Denmark 1-0 while Sweden saw off the hosts 1-0. Austria did beat Denmark for third place today.

At the moment I'm delighted for that girls. They've already fought very hard and showed great determination. They really desired to advance to Iceland. The group was very tight, we knew all of the teams from before. The games were exciting, stuffed with drama. We're going to take in game by game inside finals to see how are you affected.

t the minute We are sad, because the girls did an incredibly good job and were approximately advancing from your group. We missed great chances today, in addition to against Denmark. Norway have improved a good deal recently and i also congratulate them. It was a real drama and although My business is disappointed now, the girls showed they've already good chance in gtryrjtyu  advance of them.