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Career & Work 295 views Feb 12, 2015
Buy Fifa 15 Coins already have our preparations

Although you attended the draw, it has to Buy Fifa 15 Coins  have felt different with Poland not directly involved.
Definitely – my adrenaline levels were reduced than during the last draw, when my team were within the hat. But I didn't just watch the draw. We'd lots of other activities to complete – we spoke to most people and hang up up some interesting friendlies.

Although there are a couple of years to venture to the finals, we already have our preparations in place as well as the stop by at Nyon has helped a lot. We provisionally agreed to play some interesting friendlies, this coming year and then – for example against Germany, England and Sweden.

What is going to it mean to you to get familiar with the U21 finals as coach from the host nation?

Oahu is the biggest challenge of my coaching life – we're speaking about an important tournament. Consider the names from the players who took part and shone in past U21 EUROs: Mata, Neuer, Khedira, ?zil.

This is actually the tournament where we have seen ever rising stars of European football, or maybe players who are already key figures hanging around. To obtain such big names within my country, in order to face them around the field, is a marvellous opportunity for me as being a coach.
Poland wouldn't entitled to the 2015 finals inside Czech Republic, do i think the the motivation to try and do well in 2017 increased?

It's already huge. Whenever you face great teams you choose to do everything to show you are in their level. Naturally, our recent qualifying result was painful but we must that would be that. There is a great tournament in advance of us which is another big chance for Polish football. We did fine as UEFA EURO 2012 hosts, and EURO 2017 is a second opportunity both in promoting Poland also to stage the best of European football.

It's going to be a tournament for players born in 1994 or later. A number of them are already, say, Real Madrid players yet others will emerge meantime. It will likely be a fiesta for  Cheap Fifa Coins,Buy Fifa 15 Coins Sale at  Polish football fans. They won't must Google players they watch in the stands, when they will know already geggregh012  them on the top leagues in the world.