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653 views Nov 27, 2014
Emporio Armani XL Watch Review

tag heuer replica uk designed the case to be water resistant to 50 meters, and it has a domed, AR coated sapphire crystal over the dial. The very high-grade rubber strap is perfectly integrated into the case design, and is very comfortable. The buckle is in contrast polished titanium. Very good marks from me when it comes to comfort and construction for the Emporio Armani replicaThe turbine part of the dial will spin a lot, and if you have one you'll notice yourself playfully oscillating your wrist just to make it spin. If Emporio Armani sticks with the Turbine concept, as I think they will in the future - the dial and turbine element will improve even more.

Now for the dial - the place where the magic happens. First let me say that I love the small details. There is a lot going on here - and (along with the watch designer) has done a fantastic job of making the dial both fun and legible. The hands are large and broad - properly sized, and with a colorful seconds hand. On the orange and green models the hands are black on black, with black colored SuperLumiNova. These are harder to see versus the white hands, but are still legible. These are best when you want to show off the dial more than the hands. You can see all of the models here.

As such, on the green and orange models, the "turbine" is a mixture of two colors. These blend together when the turbine spins with your wrist's motion and look great. Alternatively, the two models with white hands emphasize telling the time more than showing off the turbine. On those models the turbine is black on black. This is a bit of a shame, as only the person wearing the watch really gets to enjoy the turbine effect. The orange and green watches are more "spectator magnets."

Wonderfully there is a complex, sloped chapter ring that sits over the turbine around the dial that helps with reading the time. Not only is the watch face fantastically 3-D, but it is a highly functional watch. This is a necessary feature for men like me who need a healthy amount of justification in their toys in the form of "well it is also a useful tool."

Toy or not toy, I love this watch. I wouldn't wear it everyday, but I would wear it enough. The fact that it is a cool, comfortable, and high-end watch makes it an even more fun toy. There are several models in the Emporio Armani XL line, and most range from about $6,000 - $6,650.