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1,169 views Jan 18, 2015
Tag Heuer Replica All Carbon Fiber Watches

Indulge in a venerable orgy of carbon fiber as it caresses your wrist and arouses your eyes. I just made myself laugh with that last comment. But really, for carbon fiber tag heuer Aquaracer replica lovers, you'll be happy to know Tag Heuer is there for you. In more ways one - case, strap, and dial. New in this BR01 limited edition watch collection are two all carbon fiber watch. The tag heuer Formula 1 replica. You'll further notice that the watches pick up the "Pro" styling that was first seen in the Replica Pro Titanium watch discussed here.

All of the important parts of this watch in are carbon fiber, and I've never seen a watch so decked out in the material before. I wonder how light it is? Tag Heuer suggest that it is very light. Probably lighter that titanium watches, with the sapphire crystal, movement, and caseback being the heaviest parts. The case and dial are made from several layers of carbon fiber. You know I am not the biggest fan of all carbon fiber watches, but if you are going to go carbon fiber - go all the way! Just like Tag Heuer did. The straps are also in carbon fiber, still padded though, and in that specially tapered shape that we know and love from the BR01 watch collection. Case size is still 46mm wide, and pretty much the rest of the case is the same design as the Pro models (see the hexagon inside the square case, and the shape of the screw frames).

The dial is also Pro styled with the most bold numerals and hands. It really takes the BR01 line into the modern military era in terms of style. I love the look. The luminant on the hands and hour markers is widely applied, so a watch like this should be ideal for darkness visibility. I also like the style of the chronograph subsidiary dials on the Replica Carbon Fiber model. Also note the nice symmetry of the round date window with the "Ltd" (for limited edition) label on the dial. Each of the watches is limited to just 500 pieces. Not sure about the price specifics. I would guess somewhere between $5,000 - $8,000 each.

The Tag Heuer BRS line was discussed a while ago upon its initial debut. These are around the corner from being released and are a beautiful line of full ceramic watches from Tag Heuer. Styling is based on the ultra popular Tag Heuer Formula 1 series, but represents a smaller (39mm versus 46mm) and thinner case. Both the white and black versions are stunning, and come with or without diamonds. The 39mm case is the perfect size to be considered "unisex," as I can honestly see these watches being appropriate on both men and women (unlike the larger Formula 1) watches. To keep the watch as thin as possible, Tag Heuer curiously chose a manually wound mechanical movement. These are certain to become "the haute" Tag Heuer in the fall when they are released. Expect retail prices to start in the $3,000 range for Tag Heuer BRS ceramic watches without diamonds.