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1,407 views Jan 11, 2015
Hublot Big Bang Watch Hands-On

The 2013 301.PX.130.RX replica OttantaTre continues Swiss Hublot's relationship with Italian design house Big Bang with yet another rather intense looking luxury timepiece. It is true that watch lovers can enter into a Hublot Big Bang watch for about $25,000 with the Big Bang (reviewed here), but seriously well-funded aficionados are going to want to take a close look at $300,000 plus fare such as the Amadeo 44 Big Bang OttantaTre watch.

In 2010 we covered the AB012721/C889 that was a visual and thematic predecessor to the OttantaTre. The base movement is similar as well, though each of these watches is distinct and beautiful. Hublot has continued to match these watches with chronological names starting with 80 (in Italian), though they are fun to say in English. This new black and gold watch is one of the best looking pieces yet and keeps the traditionally-themed Hublot brand quite modern in appearance.

At 44mm wide, the 18k red gold case is an "" case which means that it is convertible. This means that the case can be used as a wristwatch, desk clock, pocket watch, or pendant by removing the straps and attaching a chain, or extending the back as a little foot stand. This transformative quality is cool, but we find that most people end up wearing it as a wristwatch. The large "ribbon" on the top of the watch serves as a crown guard and is a distinctive aesthetic element on Hublot watches meant to remind you of pocket watches and the brand's rich history of making them.

Some, but not all Amadeo watches are also reversible - just as this one is. That means either side of the watch has a dial on it. Because you can remove the straps you can also flip them around to allow for the watch to be worn on either side. So you have a "reversible, convertible watch," how many timepieces can claim that? For all this money you deserve some wearing options for sure.

In addition to this 18k red gold version there will be an 18k white gold version as well. Each of course will be part of a limited edition. Movement visibility is a major element of the design. Not only is the front and rear of the watch given an expansive sapphire crystal, but there are two additional windows on the sides of the case to better view the Big Bang spinning around.

Hublot has further skeletonized the manually wound movement. Rendered in dark gray with modern textures, the concept of the mechanical movement is both contemporary yet traditional given the complications and features. Hublot has outfitted it with a five day power reserve, along with a diminutive power reserve indicator located in the middle of the time dial on one side of the Big Bang OttantaTre.