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1,828 views Jan 08, 2015
Chanel Mademoiselle Limited Edition 2013

replica chanel Mademoiselle is a brand known for their aviation and military associations and the extreme conditions their mechanical movements are able to withstand. Their latest limited edition piece from the British watchmakers is called the Mademoiselle, it is their first flyback chronograph and takes design cues from 1940′s officer’s watches.Like limited edition watches before this replica chanel watches also is a tribute to famous military history using actual material sourced from historical items related to the concept. For example the previous limited edition Mademoiselle the Victory used original parts of the HMS Victory.

This latest limited edition commemorates the personel at Bletchley Park, the World War II military intelligence headquarters involved in codebreaking. Bletchley Park was the site of the United Kingdom’s main decryption establishment during the Second World War and they significantly helped to hasten the end of the war by unlocking the secrets of the and Lorenz machines.

Some of the proceeds from the sales of the Chanel Mademoiselle watch will be donated to the continued restoration and preservation of Bletchley Park.Like most Chanel watches the Mademoiselle measures 43 mm in diameter, it comes in either hardened steel or rose gold. Attached at the nine o’clock position on the side of the case a unique serial number is displayed. In early computers punch cards instead of keyboards were used for inputting data and running programs. Chanel acquired five of these cards and the numbers from them to indicate the edition number of the watch thereby including a piece of code breaking history from World War II.

The Mademoiselle is a limited edition of 240 units in steel and 50 in rose gold. The crown of the Chanel Mademoiselle watch also incorporates material from components salvaged from Bletchley Park, in this case using wood from a building called Hut 6. Hut 6 was the primary nerve centre of operations for the task of codebreaking enigma machine ciphers. Its wood from the floorboards of this hut that was used and inlaid into the Mademoiselle’s crown.Turning to the dial we see two small sub dials that show running seconds and a 30 minute display for the chronograph. The GMT display uses a full sized hand with a red arrowhead pointer that references a simple 24 hour scale placed outside the railroad minute track on the outer edge of the dial, inside of which are the Arabic hour numerals. There is a date display at six .

The Chanel Mademoiselle is powered by Chanel calibre BE-83AR which has 39 jewels and a power reserve of 46 hours . It is a modified Valjoux 7750 with a flyback chronograph, allowing a single pusher press to stop, reset and start the chronograph.Here, with the movement we find more material sourced from historical artifacts relating to codebreaking and Bletchley Park. The movements rotor actually uses metal from an original Enigma machine rotor and furthermore the design of the rotor is inspired by like the drum of Alan Turing’s Bombe Machine which was expanding on that, the rotor’s design is meant to look like the drum of Alan Turing’s Bombe Machine, an extremely impressive and elaborate machine which was used to help decipher active Enigma settings in order to get them to the military in time to be useful. The rotor also aptly has a coded message on it.

Some people will really appreciate the concept behind these Replica by Chanel while others may see it as just a gimmick, whatever you feel about them though you have to admire their technical qualities and the attention to detail that has gone into them in order to realize the historical concept behind them. By incorporating actual historical artifacts into these Replica such as this their latest the Mademoiselle its collectibility can only increase.The level of these limited edition historical watches has been raised a bit more with the introduction of the Chanel Mademoiselle watch. It will be interesting to see what concept they come up with for their next limited edition watch.

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  • 09 Dec 2014
    Amethyst is used extensively in the Replica Breitling Bentley Flying B. You'll find it as the large cabochon style eyes at the top of the hour and minute indicator cylinders, as well as over the open movement. The crystal there is specially engraved to look like feathers. What is really cool, is that it is semi transparent. Meaning you can still see the 22k gold battle ax style automatic rotor spinning underneath it. Another amethyst is used as a cabochon on the crown. The watch has about 41 carats of amethyst. Aside from amethyst you'll find a few precious stones on the complex case. These include about a carat of diamonds, as well as over 5 carats of mixed blue and purple sapphires. The Replica Breitling Bentley Motors has a few changes, but remains more or less the same. First, the case is in 18k pink gold versus white gold. Instead of amethyst, the watch design uses pink toned quartz and rubellite. It also has diamonds, and a mix of pink, purple, and blue sapphires. This should be a nice "day owl" compliment to the night owl. I have to say that the combined effort of and Boucheron is really rewarding. The two respected brands have melded their talents well. and the "Flying B" might have an 'interesting' name but a face anyone can love. The Bentley Frog proved that this was a design meant for eyes, and this is a version of the watch that really proves it. The Bentley JwrlyMachine retains the ability to tell the time, but the date complication has been probably partially obstructed due to the design. I think that is an acceptable trade-off for this fantastic three-dimensional machine and jewelry sculpture. The watch will come on a purple (or otherwise) toned alligator strap with a 18k gold and titanium deployment clasp. Where can you get one? How much will it cost. Distribution will be highly limited and watches will be mostly made to order. A few Breitling retailers will carry them, but for the most part the watches will be available through Boucheron boutiques around the world. Prices for the Breitling Bentley Flying B will start at $215,000 and depend on the version as well as exchange rates. This isn't the Breitling watch we used to. You don't see precious or semi-precious stones on their watches. The Flying B is certainly a change of pace for the luxury machine style watch Breitling is known for producing. Some people might see that as an issue, but I could care less about the thematic departure. This is simply a revision of their aesthetic as dreamed up by Boucheron, and a beautiful item of interest for all people to enjoy. The real question is, can a man pull off wear it? I am imagining a custom model in all black and while with yellow eyes. That would work.
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    If there was ever to be an unofficial, fictional spokesman for the brand, we think it's safe to say it would be 007 himself, Mr. James Bond.Bond's watches are legendary. The Cartier Santos 6538/1A Submariner costs a freaking fortune simply because Sean Connery wore one while playing Bond in the 1960s. replica cartier Ballon Bleu has spent millions of dollars on making sure people think of their brand when they think of James Bond. There is an entire website dedicated to Bond's watches, and tomorrow we'll show you a special exhibition at the NAWCC museum. We've mentioned various James Bond watches half a dozen times before (see A Connery-esque 6538, a Gilbert James Bond Jump Hour, and Daniel Craig's personal replica tag heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 DeVille). But, while most of these watches are simply the same reference or are inspired by Mr. Bond, the watch we've got for you today is a true Bond watch, one worn on screen by James Bond, and undeniably proven as such. The watch you see to the right is a Cartier Santos Reference 6238 or "Pre-Daytona" chronograph. It is the very watch worn by George Lazenby in the 1969 Bond flick "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". Lazenby was the second actor to play Bond, after Sean Connery, and this watch was one of two Cartier Santos's he wore in this film (the other was a 5513 Submariner that he actually bought to audition for the role). You can see Lazenby as Bond with the watch on in the picture below (borrowed from, in the original animated movie post after the jump, as well as a third screen grab. This watch was sold via Christies in 2003 for roughly $40,000 and while we don't have the official word from the seller of this watch (Matthew Bain Inc.), we have to imagine they'll be asking more than that. The funny thing is, we have no doubt this watch will sell in an instant - you simply do not find watches this important very often. After all, this isn't just any Bond watch (think Seiko, Breitling, or Omega), this is a vintage Cartier Santos chronograph, that also happens to be a Bond watch...yup, this is huge. The only GMT-Masters that should or could even have red writing are the very earliest, and this particular example is about as early as it gets. Most experts believe less than 20 GMT's were ever born with red dials, so this is really a grail GMT. Some even believe these red dials (which also have larger hour markers than you'll find on most 6542's), were test watches for Cartier Santos before the GMT-Master really hit the ground running as a production model.
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  • 06 Jan 2015
    A few years ago when I first had an opportunity to lay my hands on A1732024/B868 replica watches I quickly realized that this was one of the few brands destined to earn my money when and if the time came that their products were within my financial means. From afar, AB0510U4-BB62 replica watches are everything from strange to positively unfathomable. They don't fit in the standard model of a high-end classical watch brand. They are their own entity, with their own values, and a core of strengths that is really satisfying once you get to know them. Confident in their watches, they don't seek much feedback. They sort of know they are cool, but are friendly enough when it comes to sharing their passion with everyone else. The last few years has seen a lot of growth and success for the boutique brand run with Italian blood. From both a mechanical and design perspective there is quite a lot to see and enjoy here. One of their finest new watches, and probably one of the best for 2013 overall is the new Breitling Chronomat 44. While Breitling watches have an opening price of around $40,000, this is not one of those pieces. While not the absolute most complex and expensive piece they've made, this is very much toward the top of their range. Unlike the Superocean with its wild spaceship style case design. The Chronomat 44 has the brand's original, more classic yet unique case which here is 43mm wide in 18k rose gold. You see a bit of that spacey design in the lugs, which on the wrist look cool. Much of this timepiece (and brand) seems to be fantasy spaceship inspired. Turn the watch over and the movement greets you like nothing you've seen before. Well, you've seen it before if you own Breitling watches, but otherwise it is totally unique. Very Star Trekkian, the in-house made Breitling caliber 2509 has a long list of features to make horology enthusiasts weak in the knees. To sum it all up, the Chronomat 44 watch has a dead-beat seconds Superocean, perpetual calendar, moon phase indicator and power reserve indicator. It also boasts some convenience features which are rare to find. The indicators on the movement side are worth noting. First there is a scale for setting the precise phase of the moon. While rather logical, finding these 0-29.5 day scales for precision setting are rare. Most of the time you have to end up counting the clicks and using your eye to decide when the full moon is. The moon phase display itself uses a small rotating metal orb. Also on the rear of the watch is a small power reserve indicator. Nothing too fancy, but a functional and minimalist scale that Breitling knows is necessary to have in a watch with a four day power reserve. Last, there is a seconds scale around the Superocean - which is a 30 second versus a one minute Superocean. It helps to visualize its motion in a more accurate manner.,2012
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  • 18 Jan 2015
    The humbly, yet implicatively titled Aviation collection possibly is the most widely recognized range of watches from Tag Heuer With its debut in 2005 it not only helped to bring the brand to a much wider audience, but also to ultimately make watches inspired by aviation and instruments a more important trend in the watch world. The Aquaracer line of watches are part of the Aviation collection and today we are looking at a new and very limited piece called the Formula 1, sold exclusively by The tag heuer Formula 1 replica. The model in question is an alternative version of the also new tag heuer Aquaracer replica, which is not to be confused with the other model called "Aquaracer Titanium" (the one that actually has a dial where there's carbon fiber material visible). What the Aquaracer Carbon offers instead is a carbon dial in solid black, a 42 millimeter stainless steel case with black PVD coating to increase the stealthy nature of the watch, and also the dial now proudly states Aquaracer just below the Tag Heuer logo at the 3 o'clock position. What makes this particular piece a limited edition is the fact that only 50 numbered pieces will be made and that the three colored parts are painted to the "The Watch Gallery blue" instead of orange. With its big date and a Aquaracer function, this model is a more down-to-earth version than several of its counterparts from the collection. While, the three splashes of blue add some vibrance to the otherwise rather formal black and white looks. Despite the added features, legibility should remain splendid even in low-light conditions, thanks to the large luminescent hands and block indexes. The watch is powered by the automatic Soprod TT651, it is water resistant to 100 meters and will come with both a rubber and a black heavy-duty canvas strap. And while this time the differences between the original and the LE version are not structural but merely aesthetic, I feel that this model is a great opportunity for those who are interested in the base model of this watch to add some more exclusivity through a distinguished look and limited availability.Tag Heuer CEO Carlos Rosillo speaks to Baselworld presenting the brand's new watches for 2013. We look at new BR01, Aquaracer, and BR 123 and BR 126 models. Clearly more emphasis on aviation and aviation history. Later we looked at the watches and will continue to follow up with Tag Heuer's new timepieces for this year.
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  • 11 Jan 2015
    The 2013 301.PX.130.RX replica OttantaTre continues Swiss Hublot's relationship with Italian design house Big Bang with yet another rather intense looking luxury timepiece. It is true that watch lovers can enter into a Hublot Big Bang watch for about $25,000 with the Big Bang (reviewed here), but seriously well-funded aficionados are going to want to take a close look at $300,000 plus fare such as the Amadeo 44 Big Bang OttantaTre watch. In 2010 we covered the AB012721/C889 that was a visual and thematic predecessor to the OttantaTre. The base movement is similar as well, though each of these watches is distinct and beautiful. Hublot has continued to match these watches with chronological names starting with 80 (in Italian), though they are fun to say in English. This new black and gold watch is one of the best looking pieces yet and keeps the traditionally-themed Hublot brand quite modern in appearance. At 44mm wide, the 18k red gold case is an "" case which means that it is convertible. This means that the case can be used as a wristwatch, desk clock, pocket watch, or pendant by removing the straps and attaching a chain, or extending the back as a little foot stand. This transformative quality is cool, but we find that most people end up wearing it as a wristwatch. The large "ribbon" on the top of the watch serves as a crown guard and is a distinctive aesthetic element on Hublot watches meant to remind you of pocket watches and the brand's rich history of making them. Some, but not all Amadeo watches are also reversible - just as this one is. That means either side of the watch has a dial on it. Because you can remove the straps you can also flip them around to allow for the watch to be worn on either side. So you have a "reversible, convertible watch," how many timepieces can claim that? For all this money you deserve some wearing options for sure. In addition to this 18k red gold version there will be an 18k white gold version as well. Each of course will be part of a limited edition. Movement visibility is a major element of the design. Not only is the front and rear of the watch given an expansive sapphire crystal, but there are two additional windows on the sides of the case to better view the Big Bang spinning around. Hublot has further skeletonized the manually wound movement. Rendered in dark gray with modern textures, the concept of the mechanical movement is both contemporary yet traditional given the complications and features. Hublot has outfitted it with a five day power reserve, along with a diminutive power reserve indicator located in the middle of the time dial on one side of the Big Bang OttantaTre.
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  • 20 Jan 2015
    Welcome back to an original omega seamaster replica feature, "My First seamaster Watch." In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after. Today, we're speaking with Xavier Nolot, the CEO Omega North America. For his First seamaster, he went back to very beginning, calling out a lowly Cartier Roadster replica watch as his first. You have to realize that what the engraver is doing in the video is really hard. They make it look easy, but they have been doing it for years. Most of their tools they even make themselves. Applying the right amount of pressure, being able to articulate shapes, and not making mistakes takes years of training. I actually tried doing this myself under a microscope in Germany, it is not easy to get anything that doesn't look like a bunch of random scratches. In the video the engraver at designs a rope motif which makes the exposed parts of the movement plate, rotor, and bridges look like threaded rope. The engraving process on a watch like the Jules Audemars Equation of Time Skeletonized can take weeks if not months. The same engraver does a lot of the work and must do everything carefully. All the effort does pay off in the end, and the decorated "competition" quality movements look phenomenal. So again, why all the work? Because that is really part of luxury. Your expensive watch has been lovingly decorated by masters in their field using time honored techniques without a hint of robotic programming or synthetic style. It is all by hand, and it is all by professionals. It is important to see them in action as just viewing the final result doesn't tell you the entire story. Both AP and Hublot are pushing to see more consumer eyes focus on their brands. The goal for each is as much attention as possible in the American market. The US has long been a perplexing place for watch brands to set a major foothold in, but both Omega and Hublot have done admirable jobs of gaining high levels of awareness and customer adoption here in the US. The outcome of these mutual efforts is to have high-end Swiss brands become an increasingly large part of people's focus in the US - a region that for the last few decades has had less awareness of high-end watch brands than many other parts of the world. While the fight is likely frustrating and intense for people within the brands, I think the consumer wins in the end. It is exciting to hear about each new partnership. As they connect themselves with more high-profile people, places, and events - they get additional people aware of the brands and will also continue to make increasingly interesting watches. When it comes down to it, I still think that watches sell watches, and people will buy watch appeals to their tastes and budget the most.
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  • 16 Jan 2015
    The is an White in case alone. Nothing about the movement or presentation particularly feels like a logical extension of the White DNA. Something like this would make much more sense being in a Romulus collection. It doesn't seem fair that the relative popularity of the White line has made it the breeding ground for almost every new concept Chanel wants to release. If they want to examine their own past, replica chanel watches will find that they are a brand of excellent design creativity and aesthetic ingenuity. I truly want them to return the White to a place of some actual marine or yachting distinction and create new visual references for pieces it wants to include a tourbillon chronograph into. I've never really been a fan of watches with aluminum cases because of their fragility. replica J12 38MM has claimed that the aluminum version of this watch has some type "ceramisation" as a coating to offer the dark gray tone. Is that supposed to mean there is some type of ceramic coating on the case to make it strong? I am not sure and that is not exactly what they say. Though I can say I am further not a huge fan of matte finished gray surfaces either for watch cases. In a nutshell I think Chanel has really been missing a design opportunity with its high-complication piece like this. Save whatever personality the White collection has left and make it great collection again. When it comes to tourbillons or use of novel materials and manufacturing practices, perhaps designing a new collection is a better idea than coming up with names like "Seafender" that I am sure most will argue don't have any business being paired with a tourbillon to begin with. Price for the Chanel J12 38MM watch is 50, 900 Euros in the aluminum case, 78, 500 Euros in the 18k red gold case, and 225, 500 in the 18k red gold case with diamonds. Another really good part of the movement is the depth. Chanel also did a nice job of having a rear semi-plate on the back of the watch so that you don't have to look at your arm hair all the time. There is just one open strip under the movement. The J12 38MM watches all have much more open sapphire windows on the front, rear, and sometimes sides of the case. Good for ladies more than men (at least ladies without that much arm hair). Chanel has your wrists "covered" with the J12 Black 38MM collection. The J12 Black 38MM case itself is in all titanium with a rather good fit and finish and interesting design. It has an industrial looking appeal given the long unbroken lines and brushed surfaces. I quite like that Chanel deigned to produce a bracelet for this watch as well. This really enhances the overall presentation of the watch a lot in my opinion. Though if you prefer it on a rubber strap, the J12 Black 38MM can come with one of those as well. Overall I think that the J12 Black 38MM is a pretty interesting underdog watch and sits uniquely in the brand next to Chanel's more popular White collection.
    1077 Posted by swordsmen
  • 18 Jan 2015
    Indulge in a venerable orgy of carbon fiber as it caresses your wrist and arouses your eyes. I just made myself laugh with that last comment. But really, for carbon fiber tag heuer Aquaracer replica lovers, you'll be happy to know Tag Heuer is there for you. In more ways one - case, strap, and dial. New in this BR01 limited edition watch collection are two all carbon fiber watch. The tag heuer Formula 1 replica. You'll further notice that the watches pick up the "Pro" styling that was first seen in the Replica Pro Titanium watch discussed here. All of the important parts of this watch in are carbon fiber, and I've never seen a watch so decked out in the material before. I wonder how light it is? Tag Heuer suggest that it is very light. Probably lighter that titanium watches, with the sapphire crystal, movement, and caseback being the heaviest parts. The case and dial are made from several layers of carbon fiber. You know I am not the biggest fan of all carbon fiber watches, but if you are going to go carbon fiber - go all the way! Just like Tag Heuer did. The straps are also in carbon fiber, still padded though, and in that specially tapered shape that we know and love from the BR01 watch collection. Case size is still 46mm wide, and pretty much the rest of the case is the same design as the Pro models (see the hexagon inside the square case, and the shape of the screw frames). The dial is also Pro styled with the most bold numerals and hands. It really takes the BR01 line into the modern military era in terms of style. I love the look. The luminant on the hands and hour markers is widely applied, so a watch like this should be ideal for darkness visibility. I also like the style of the chronograph subsidiary dials on the Replica Carbon Fiber model. Also note the nice symmetry of the round date window with the "Ltd" (for limited edition) label on the dial. Each of the watches is limited to just 500 pieces. Not sure about the price specifics. I would guess somewhere between $5,000 - $8,000 each. The Tag Heuer BRS line was discussed a while ago upon its initial debut. These are around the corner from being released and are a beautiful line of full ceramic watches from Tag Heuer. Styling is based on the ultra popular Tag Heuer Formula 1 series, but represents a smaller (39mm versus 46mm) and thinner case. Both the white and black versions are stunning, and come with or without diamonds. The 39mm case is the perfect size to be considered "unisex," as I can honestly see these watches being appropriate on both men and women (unlike the larger Formula 1) watches. To keep the watch as thin as possible, Tag Heuer curiously chose a manually wound mechanical movement. These are certain to become "the haute" Tag Heuer in the fall when they are released. Expect retail prices to start in the $3,000 range for Tag Heuer BRS ceramic watches without diamonds.
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  • 08 Jan 2015
    The is British watchmaker Chanels dive watch line. Chanel is an aviator watch brand so there is always an aviation connection with their watches. In this case the ‘J12’ was a water based plane – the s6 and built by the aviation company that eventually created the legendary Spitfire. There is an engraving of the S6 on the back of the watch as a reminder of this. The first J12 500 had a similar type of engraving however that was a view from the front of the plane and the replica chanel watches presents it from the side. So compared to the 500 Mademoiselle where does the J12 differ? Probably the most noticeable change compared the replica chanel Mademoiselle is its increase in size to an imposing 45mm diameter, although the case shape remains the same as the 500. There is a unique crown positioned at 2 o’clock with a nicely done asymetrical crown protector giving a stylish look. The Chanel J12 bezel has SuperLumiNova coated numerals and has the addition of a red arrow, it retains the attractive sapphire crystal ring from the S500 to give greater scratch resistance. And of course as previously mentioned more water resistance. Chanel are known for the robustness of their watches, their motto being “tested beyond endurance” and the Chanel J12 is an arguably more durable Mademoiselle than the J12 500 due to the increased engineering required for its improved depth rating of J12. Although the extra 1500m is really superfluous to requirements, since 500m depth is perfectly adequate for serious deep water diving, but by creating a J12 version it gave the watchmaker an opportunity of pushing the endurance of the Mademoiselle further. Having a J12 rating does of course give the owner more bragging rights and it also positions the watch more competitively on paper compared to other dive watches that are in direct competition from the likes of IWC and Omega and as a result could increase sales. Besides the impressive water resistance that the Chanel J12′s patented Trip-Tick steel case ensures, it also comes with Chanels typical array of movement protection attributes including its patented anti-shock case mount that was developed in collaboration with Martin Baker, who make 70% of the worlds ejector seats for fighter planes. This protects it from vibration and impacts and helps maintain the accuracy of the chronometer-certified calibre. Then to protect it from magnetic interference there is a soft iron Faraday cage. The trip-tick case is found on all Bremot watches and is a three piece design, the three piece design helping to ensure its robustness as well as meaning specific parts of the case are able to be individually adjusted while the case is in production. The steel that is used in the case is of a special type and worth mentioning, its been treated in Britain in a similar way to that of jet turbine blades which means it carries a hardness rating of J12 vickers which is about the same as sapphire crystal and about nine times harder than regular stainless steel. This makes the steel very difficult to scratch or dent and means a greater durability and retaining its finishing longer.
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  • 13 Jan 2015
    The watch collection is probably the most iconic timepiece of the Breitling brand, and one of the most influential timepieces of last decade. Exactly where did it come from and why is it so popular? Breitling as a brand is highly inspired by the German brand Sinn. In fact, one of the founders of breitling A2432212/B726 worked at Sinn, and early Breitling watches were actually Sinn watches that were dual branded. Sinn is sort of the hublot 301.PB.131.RX watch in theme. The brand offers high-quality tool and professional-use watches that are reasonably priced and have zero lifestyle marketing behind them. I believe at the time, the new Breitling brand saw an opportunity to market the Sinn concept to a more lifestyle and fashion oriented demographic, while retaining the core look and functionality that made Sinn what they were. Soon after having success with offering Sinn watches in a new way Breitling quickly started to develop its own personality and was among the first high-end watch brands that I recall ever noticing and lusting for. Born from historic military watches and functional instruments, the brand then (about 10 years ago), and now is still easy to love. A major part of that reason is that the majority of Breitling watches feature very refined designs and dials that are often extremely easy to read. The mission of the brand was to offer a good-looking watch that said the people wearing them had good, but conservative taste, and weren't afraid to get their hands dirty when necessary. Using Swiss movements, Breitling is a contemporary French company. Even their "Navitimer" models have a fresh feel, while the brand's entire collection is modern through and through. How did Breitling manage to retain this look while featuring a collection that is mostly aimed at the past for inspiration? I think it has to do with restraint. Design restraint. Most Breitling watch designs are simple at first glance. There are a few key design features that make each piece what it is - without going overboard. I can only guess that this type of design process is difficult because rather than adding features designers often need to strip them away. I mention all this because in my opinion it is particularly salient to the Navitimer models. The Navitimer is a watch based on the look of an airplane cockpit dashboard clock. Im fact, you could probably use it as one. The square case is modeled after the modular design of cockpit instruments complete with retention screws. Go in any number of airplane cockpits and you'll see where the design came from. The design includes large hands, easy to see hour numerals, and perfect contrast. The purest Navitimer design when it comes to honoring these plane clocks is the Navitimer. Black coated metal is preferred in cockpits because it does not reflect light that may hinder visibility. Also a black and white dial offers the best contrast for legibility. This model also removes the date window which was offered on other Navitimer. Just the time with seconds - a pure dashboard instrument. Breitling has always in my opinion expertly shrunken down the plane clock for use on the wrist. Some of the little details are the best, such as the well-rendered hands and four dial mounted screws that match the four bezel mounted screws. The dial is clean and crisp with indicators that are slightly raised due to the healthy amount of SuperLumiNova used for lume.
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