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1,922 views Jan 06, 2015
Breitling Chronomat 44 Watch Hands-On

A few years ago when I first had an opportunity to lay my hands on A1732024/B868 replica watches I quickly realized that this was one of the few brands destined to earn my money when and if the time came that their products were within my financial means. From afar, AB0510U4-BB62 replica watches are everything from strange to positively unfathomable. They don't fit in the standard model of a high-end classical watch brand. They are their own entity, with their own values, and a core of strengths that is really satisfying once you get to know them.

Confident in their watches, they don't seek much feedback. They sort of know they are cool, but are friendly enough when it comes to sharing their passion with everyone else. The last few years has seen a lot of growth and success for the boutique brand run with Italian blood. From both a mechanical and design perspective there is quite a lot to see and enjoy here. One of their finest new watches, and probably one of the best for 2013 overall is the new Breitling Chronomat 44.

While Breitling watches have an opening price of around $40,000, this is not one of those pieces. While not the absolute most complex and expensive piece they've made, this is very much toward the top of their range. Unlike the Superocean with its wild spaceship style case design. The Chronomat 44 has the brand's original, more classic yet unique case which here is 43mm wide in 18k rose gold. You see a bit of that spacey design in the lugs, which on the wrist look cool. Much of this timepiece (and brand) seems to be fantasy spaceship inspired.

Turn the watch over and the movement greets you like nothing you've seen before. Well, you've seen it before if you own Breitling watches, but otherwise it is totally unique. Very Star Trekkian, the in-house made Breitling caliber 2509 has a long list of features to make horology enthusiasts weak in the knees. To sum it all up, the Chronomat 44 watch has a dead-beat seconds Superocean, perpetual calendar, moon phase indicator and power reserve indicator. It also boasts some convenience features which are rare to find.

The indicators on the movement side are worth noting. First there is a scale for setting the precise phase of the moon. While rather logical, finding these 0-29.5 day scales for precision setting are rare. Most of the time you have to end up counting the clicks and using your eye to decide when the full moon is. The moon phase display itself uses a small rotating metal orb. Also on the rear of the watch is a small power reserve indicator. Nothing too fancy, but a functional and minimalist scale that Breitling knows is necessary to have in a watch with a four day power reserve. Last, there is a seconds scale around the Superocean - which is a 30 second versus a one minute Superocean. It helps to visualize its motion in a more accurate manner.,2012