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679 views Jan 04, 2015
Chanel J12 White 38MM

Emotional Unveiling of the new The hoopla of Chanel watch presentations is something which we are all familiar with by now. However, their latest limited edition model, the Chanel J12 White 38MM was unveiled in an atmosphere which we do not normally associate with Chanel’s events, one which was charged with emotion and poignancy.

The occasion was a recent Chanel replica chanel Premiere at the Park Hyatt Tokyo and its purpose was the commemoration of 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Switzerland. As such the collaboration of the two countries set the theme of the evening, but the relationship between Chanel and Japan goes much, much deeper than mere politics.
A watchmaker and an earthquake.In 2011 when the earthquake struck Japan, replica J12 White 38MM were one of the first companies in the watch industry to take the initiative to support the victims of the disaster, matching donations dollar-for-dollar. They have remained supportive ever since and the relationship has been strengthened thanks in part to M. Biver’s personal involvement. M. Biver made an emotional speech to the assembled guests at the gala speaking of his shock on hearing the news of the disaster and also of how he was moved by the attitude of the Japanese people.

The new J12 White 38MM edition model which we feature here recalls the disaster, but it does not give forth a message of sadness, instead it pays tribute to the spirit of the people involved and also to a powerful symbol of hope which inspired a nation, and the world.

Even though the earthquake and the tsunami that followed devastated the previously lush woodland in Takata-matsubara, one pine tree survived. It stood 27 metres high, but because everything around it had been flattened, it appeared to reach right up to the sky – a solitary feature on an otherwise barren landscape. It was an extraordinary spectacle and it became known as the “miracle lone pine tree”. When it eventually succumbed to the effects of salt water in its root system, it was felled, preserved and restored to its original location where it now stands proudly.

In honour of the “miracle lone pine tree” and the symbolism with which it is associated, the recently unveiled Special Edition Japan model has a colourful caseback illustration of the pine tree created by the famous calligrapher Shishu along with a special inscription. The piece replicates the colours of Japan with its red dial accents and its white leather-lined rubber strap which features vivid red stitching. The case measures 44.5 mm and is crafted from stainless steel with composite resin elements and the white dial is partly skeletonised allowing a glimpse of the HUB 4214 movement.