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Business 41,582 views Oct 25, 2014
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  • 19 Nov 2014
    Lowest Price for Fifa 15 Coins. The cheapest place to buy FIFA 15 coins. If you are looking for cheap fifa coins online, our fifa 15 coins site will be your best choice. We have unique automated system, delivers FIFA 15 ultimate team coins with fast delivery. Once confirmed after your payment, we will deliver your FIFA Coins In 10 - 30mins. we are the best fifa coins trader online, buy your fifa coins, FIFA coins for fifa 15 game. FIFA 15 Coins, commonly known as FUT Coins or Ultimate Team Coins are used to buy FIFA Players to improve ones squad. The better the squad you have, the more likely you are to win tournaments and progress through online seasons easier! Welcome to! As a renowned game products store,We guarantee our customers that buying Fifa 15 coins from us is 100% safe. Buy cheap fifa 15 coins which you need to draft Ultimate Team Names, Player name and select Team formation to defeat your opponents.
    54869 Posted by fifa 15 coins
  • 04 Nov 2014
    If you have been looking for How to make FIFA 15 coins, Here are a few simple techniques can be obtained FIFA 15 Coins. Play and Complete MatchesPlaying and finishing any type of matches will bring you FIFA 15 coins earning. Don't forget to complete the match and don't leave the game even when you're losing, a defeat also offers you coins as for match rewards. You can see how many coins you have earned with the details in Match Awards menu after completing a match. You will gain coins for goals, corners, match possession percentage, shots on target, clean sheets, man of the match winner, successful tackles and pass accuracy percentage. Offsides, goal against, fouls and cards also have minus points. Challenge Team of the Week (TOTW)Playing against TOTW at FIFA Ultimate Team will bring you coins. If you win against an active TOTW match, you will get rewarded with from minimum 150 to 1000 bonus coins (depending on difficulty level you choose). Here is a trick, start playing with the highest level of difficulty which is the "Ultimate". If you couldn't win, then go a level lower (try Legendary), if you couldn't beath TOTW with Legendary then go for Professional and so on. This will let you earn coins until you complete the Team of the Week challenge. You should go from highest level to down because once you complete the challenge, you won't get rewarded by beating TOTW again. Play Seasons and TournamentsBy playing and finishing seasons and tournaments you will get rewarded. If you do a good job, meaning get promoted or win the title, depending on the level (division) you are on, you will earn a few thousand of coins. Plus, every match you play, you are rewarded too. So keep playing FUT seasons and tournament regularly and make sure you complete them no matter if you're getting demoted. Buy Coins Making Items from Football Club CatalogueAt EA Sports FC Catalogue you can get FIFA 15 Coins Reward Boosts which will give you additional FUT coins for your next matches. After buying FUT Coins Reward Boosts by spending FCC, it will automatically add coins to your rewards after a certain number of your next matches - the number of matches depends on the boost item you buy. - See more at:
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  • 12 Jan 2015
    It's no surprise that in order to make money you want to buy items for as low as you can, and sell them for as high as you can. Unfortunately most people don't know how to do this correctly, and they lose out on a lot of FIFA 15 coins they could have made or not spent. The following sections will explain the way I buy and sell players, as well as a number of great tips for buying and selling.   Buy your players for the cheapest price possibleBefore you start buying, know the price you should be paying.When buying a player especially, make sure you know the players market price (the average price he goes for). To do this:1.look up the player online for the average price for my an auction search to try to find the lowest buy in now price for the item3.set the maximum price to the lowest BIN price you just found. Sometimes I add a few auctions that will be bid on to my watch list, to find out the price the player is usually bid up the auction for players in your formation, and compare it to the cheapest players from ALL formations.   Now you can start buying. Be patient, look for fair buy it now prices, or try to win an auction. Usually you can win an auction for a better price than using a BIN, however for cheap players the BIN is great.   Selling tips-How to priceSelling items can also be an art. The items you sell are going to be the main way your club makes coins, so you want to know how to price your items to get the best possible final price for them.   Again, the first step is finding the market price for the item you're selling. If it's a player, look him up online for a general price. Then search the auction house for that item, adding auctions to your watch list if necessary. Make sure you look at the items that actually have bids, and compare a few final selling prices of a couple auctions if possible. You can then set a price slightly higher than the market price, and also add a buy it now just slightly higher than that.   ALWAYS make use of the buy it now feature when you can. It's a great way to increase your income. The best buy it now prices are just high enough above the market price of the item, but still reasonable enough that it still has a chance of being bought.   Also, when selling big players or teams, it might be worth while to wait for a tournament to be released which would use those players.   Hopefully this tips with Ultimate Team has been able to teach you something, and you'll be ready to start watching the coins flow in. Having a wealthy squad means you'll be able to get the best players, keep them in shape, and win more games. Good luck out there!
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  • 18 Dec 2014
    Coins play very important in FIFA 15. With sufficient coins you can change your formation easy and use top-level players in your Ultimate Team. How could we without FIFA Coins? While, to farm coins is boring and frustrated. would like to provide you cheap FIFA 15 coins with 9.8% coupon code. Coupon Code “FIFA15Coins” - 9.8% discount for FIFA 15 Coins saleAs the professional FIFA Coins store, we know most of players put the price at the first consideration when purchasing online. would like to offer the cheapest price and more benefits to all players. About the order information, please fill in the correct information to make sure transaction fluent and quick. Each order in would delivery within 10 minutes. The personal information and contact information you should promise correct so that we can ensure delivery within 10 minutes. Each newbie place order in our store would get a call from our customer, because we should promise your payment account is safety. Of course, we wouldn’t disturb you at anytime. We will contact you through e-mail first. If you love our site, please share us with your friends.
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  • 04 Feb 2015
                      The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team experience is taking the computer gaming world with a storm like never before in the history of the Electronic Arts computer games. Right now it allows for the game player to make some FIFA coins, for themselves. Additionally, the game has now been programmed to incorporate some never before new features that is receiving a lot of praise from the loyal FIFA football game players around the world. Amongst the several new upgrades of the game, the individual team players now have the ability to an ultimate high precision movement with the ball. Additionally, they have a boosted momentum and agility in the game - a complete mimic of the real football game in the world. However, unlike the previous FIFA games, the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has the more ability of performing a global transfer network amongst the team players allowing for the game player to make some FIFA coins, for themselves. The scouting and the searching of talent allows for you to sell and buy some players; just like in the real world of football. With over 3.4 million game matches played on a daily basis, the game players are assured of making a trade. Here are some tips of making the FIFA 15 coins: 1.) Sell one on one the players that you have developed in order to earn the cheap FIFA 15 coinsYou need to click here, on the option of the online survey in order to help you evaluate the ratings of the Players of your team. Players with higher dribbling skills together with a high sprinting speed usually trend more with other game players around the world. If you happen to own one, you can click here, and put them up for sale at a higher price so that you fetch more coins for yourself. 2.) You need to visit the website, of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team in order to compete with other players around the world. FIFA 15 Ultimate team has been programmed with a never before new feature that allows for a person to visit the website, of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team to compete with other FIFA players around the world on a global scale. Additionally, the game now stores your statistics and the results as well for the season played; allowing you to earn yourself some coins of the FlFA 15. 3.) Auction some players after a series of wins at fifa 15 coinsIt is quite important for the beginners who are just getting started in the playing of the FlFA 15 computer game to play with the team players that they are provide with first in the game. After series of wins by playing with using them, the individual team players would have accumulated more value to themselves. The game player might then decide to auction them at fifa 15 to earn some coins for themselves. 4.)As a FIFA 15 Ultimate Team player, you need to be buying online the team managers for your team.You need to be smart when purchasing club managers for your team. Managers work on a contractual basis hence, auction them at the end of the game season helps you to earn more coins for yourself after the team managers have accumulated more value for themselves. 5.) You need to be buying players whom you expect to perform better with time.Purchase the team players earlier at a time when they haven't accumulated much value for themselves. After playing using them in a series of games and have won several matches with them, auction at a higher Price. This is the best and surest way of earning the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins.
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  • 02 Dec 2014
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