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Technology 664 views Aug 06, 2019
Top Five Pro Tips For Shooting Videos And Photos At The Same Ti

Shooting video and photos at the same can be crazy and complicated. There are certain things to consider for capturing great moments. Videography and photography both take a lot of time.

You don’t have to worry as we come with some great tips for doing both the task at the same time. This guide is especially for those who want to master in making creative and impressive clips and images. It is essential to follow all of the critical points carefully.


  1. Perfect camera and essentials

The first thing is to remember that the camera must be professional. It means that you can easily switch between different modes like video and photo. There are several multi-purpose gears available in the market, and it is great to get the superior one. Moreover, it is necessary to collect all the essentials for capturing still motions.

  1. Always consider that video loves motion

There will be a time when you need to decide to record videos instead of capturing images. It is required to focus on the present moment and leave all the unnecessary things. It is because videos love motion, and without the shooting the classy actions, you can’t become the best.

  1. Know about weaknesses and strength

These two tasks are not as easy as it requires a lot of practice and talents. If you don’t have time for that, then it is right to know about your weak and strong side. Moreover, it means to look that in which you are capable of shooting picture-perfect pictures and excellent timed clips.

  1. Sound and light

Without audio and lightening, there can’t be the best moments. These two are the heart of both photography and videography. It is necessary to make sure to come with perfect audio and lights equipment. It will ensure that you have a wide range of capturing from every angle and direction. You can also go for watching the videography by focus to get an overview of the importance of these two gears.

  1. Static photography

It is sure that images are static, and it is not easy to capture still images. It is most beneficial to wait for the right moment for clicking the picture-perfect photos.

To conclude, in my perspective, these all are the tops tips to remember for shooting both videos and photos at the same time.