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Technology 1,724 views May 21, 2019
6 Things You Should Not Do When Renting A Car

When you make traveling trips, you should rent a car to have a fun experience on your ways without inconveniences, however, renting a car is not that transparent and straightforward since there are some basic questions you should interrogate with yourself, whether they are relevant or not.

You need to be clear with your thoughts before you get to car rentals for your vacation. You need to avoid the below: 


  1. Paying For Gasoline in Advance

The charge for prepaid gasoline may seem to be simple when traveling, especially when we are concerned about getting late to catch the flights.

The reason is that airport security now has some considerations concerning this process where the rental companies are involved with new alternatives which help in car refueling, which gives them the hard sell in their rental desks. 


  1. Forgetting To Confirm Where You Will Refill The Car When Returning

You need to get the place you should refuel your car immediately after picking it. When you go from the rental agency or the airport, you should look for the available gas station where you also need to plan on refueling after that confirming their prices when you are done with the car.

The agency or airport backgrounds may seem confusing since you aren't familiar with them so you should be aware of the gas station earlier so you can do away with making unnecessary rounds where your time for a flight is near. You should look for the place after taking the car since you have a lot of time. 


  1. Purchasing An Insurance Cover

Whatever that your insurance cover is not responsible for, then you need to be sure the credit card will cover.

There are cases where the credit card cover may be highly preferred compared to insurance covers, so you need to inquire about it first before you proceed to buy an insurance cover. 


  1. Ignoring Use Of Insurance

When you happen to experience damage in your car from car rentals Stansted, there are charges which will be applied in covering potential revenue that was lost during the time the car is being repaired.

The charges are typically for the day’s rental of that car, and such fees are always covered by many auto insurance companies. Most of the credit cards are known to offer the coverage for loss of use where the car rentals Stansted have paid for using the cards.


  1. Avoiding Upgraded Potential Offers

Previously, it was wise if you could reserve a cheap rental car and ask for any available upgrades to help you on your trip. The process is best working mostly in busy times when there are low cheap vehicles available in the garage.

By this, they can offer affordable or even free upgrades to the car class that is high because of the available management inventory issues.


  1. Making Cursory Inspection During Departure

When you have picked your rented car, you should check its inner side and outer to confirm any damaged issue available before driving away with it.

Confirm if there are scratches, working power windows, loose parts, and mirrors that have a problem they report before leaving. This way, you won't need to inspect when returning the car.


The car rentals are delicate, and one needs to avoid doing some things with them like the above mentioned so to ensure they do not cost them much.

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