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Travel 1,242 views Apr 28, 2019
What to Do in Phi Phi For 3 Days

Loads of people these dyas take a holiday trip in Thailand every year and none of them has left this country without visiting Phi Phi island, which is always crowded with cosmopolitan tourists and is full of feasts with music and dancing. If you are taking a phi phi island tour for only three days, here is your guide to make this short visit unforgettable and have lasting memories afterwards.


On arrival, the first thing to do is setting off early with a group of other tourists on a boat to explore several other islands around Phi Phi. This is sure to be unforgettable with snorkeling to see the underwater beauty of the islands. There are also private boats for hire if you are not keen on guided tours.

You can explore the beauties of the viewpoints on your own. Afternoons are popular times for sunbathers who love lying on the beach and close to sunset, why not enjoy the stunning view of the sun go down?


The second day starts early with a relaxing breakfast and then a walk on the beach. The most popular place to do so is Long Beach which is about half an hour walk away from the city.

Getting there should not be a problem as boat taxis are always at hand to take you to the destination for a reasonable price. Additionally, you can take a trail and join other tourists on the way.

Then, there is also sunbathing, drinking cold drinks, snorkeling or swimming. 

The evening time is also going to be amazing as crowds get together to watch a movie on a wide screen projector in Banana Bar. Once you feel in the mood, be prepared for a night of barefoot dancing and watching fire shows.

This is going to be the highlight of your tour to Phi Phi.


The last day of your trip is also action-packed and starts bright and early. There are several places for scuba diving around the island. It is advised that you try diving to see the magnificent look under the sea.

No professional training is required for scuba diving and boat tours to diving spots are organized twice each day.


You can also enjoy a visit to the local market where you can taste fresh fruits or other Thai food. Do not forget to take back a few souvenirs for your loved ones. 

For some it might seem like a very short tour, but once you are there you will be amazed by the range of activities and variety of the scenery. The impressions are always positive with a clear intention in mind to go back there again.