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Latin America Travel: The Most Unique Spots for a Nature Vacati
If you are looking for a unique way to explore the natural beauty of South America, check out these Latin America travel destinations. From north to south, explore the length of South America during your travel to enjoy some of the most unique nature destinations in Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina.

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

A unique destination to explore during your Latin America travel can be found in the north of Chile, in the vast Atacama. This seemingly endless desert provides a variety of interesting sights including the Valle de La Luna, Salar de San Pedro de Atacama, and the Tatio Geysers. The Valle de Luna meaning, Valley of the Moon, is named such as its landscapes resemble the moon?s surface. Winds have eroded the landscape creating crater-like formations. The sharp contrast of the valley against the bright blue skies makes it a sight to see! The Salar de San Pedro de Atacama is also a must see sight in the Atacama as it is the largest salt flat in Chile. Discover the massive lake that is hidden under the white mantle of salt at the Salar. A final must visit Atacama destination is Tatio Geysers, visit the Geysers at dawn when vapor rises from the ground and decompose into a multitude of colors across the sky. Truly magical the Tatio Geysers and all of the sights in Atacama are a perfect way to experience nature on your vacation.

Amazon Jungle, Ecuador

Known as ?La Amazonia? the Ecuadorian Amazon occupies the entire eastern half of the country, covering 12 million hectares it is the perfect place visa uc for your nature exploration.? Explore the diverse flora and fauna found throughout, from caimans, tapirs, and jaguars to the over 100 species of trees and wide variety of plant life that covers the ground, options are endless. Visit the Limoncocha Ecological Reserve or the Yasuni National Park where guides will teach you all about the biodiversity this rainforest holds.? The beauty of the Amazon is hard to describe in words, it is only right to visit yourself and explore the many wonders that can be found here.

Ushuaia, Argentina

Though Ushuaia is not necessarily the first destination to come to mind, for your Latin America travel, it is the perfect place to have a unique outdoor vacation.? Travel to this southernmost city in the world, and you will be impressed by its simple natural beauty. A visit to the Tierra del Fuego National Park is the perfect way to explore the southern landscapes of Argentina. With beautiful Patagonia forests and spectacular Beagle Channel there are endless outdoor activities for your choosing. Ushuaia is also a common starting point for Antarctica cruises, sure to be a one of a kind nature experience explore Ushuaia before heading off to visit the icescapes of Antarctica.

Make the most out of your Latin America travel by exploring off the beaten path. Experience the unique beauty of these top nature destinations found throughout South America.