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Technology 386 views Jul 10, 2018
What MS Project Training Educates Candidates with?

The MS Project, software developed and sold by Microsoft, delivers its profound application in project management. The primary objective of MS Project is to provide a project manager with a tool with which he/she can manage a project more efficiently.


Individuals who look to achieve the position of project manager in the future need to become proficient in this software; for this, MS Project training becomes essential.  


With such training, candidates get educated with all the intricacies of the software. Then after, it enables them to become certified professionals after passing the official examination. If you are willing to pursue the same, here’s a brief idea about what is taught in training for MS Project certification.


Identifying components of a project 


The first stage in an MS Project training program is identifying the components of a project. Candidates also get to learn about the sample projects used in the course. Further, this chapter also includes how one can map a project.


Getting around the software


Candidates in the next stage learn how to get around the software. They will learn the process to start a project in addition to understanding commands, tabs, and groups on the ribbon. This chapter also includes hiding the ribbon, entering project information, customising the quick access toolbar, and using basic format settings


Working with calendars


The calendar is a crucial aspect of MS Project, and in this chapter, one gets to learn how to create a project calendar. Setting a project start date, timeline formatting for matching a custom calendar, and connecting a project and a calendar are other key areas covered in this chapter


Creating tasks


Although creating tasks is the primary objective of this part, individuals also get to learn the process of entering tasks and durations. Other areas in this chapter include setting a task for manual scheduling, adding a milestone task, and linking tasks with each other.


Adding a calendar and a note to a task are two other aspects covered in this chapter. In this module, candidates would also have to practise all the topics covered in all the previous chapters.




This chapter educates individuals on how to create and use resources; it also teaches them about the resource sheet. They would learn how to add resources to a project, assign resources to tasks, and enter work, material and cost resources.


Project management


The last and final stage explains how an individual would manage a project. One will learn how to use different ways to view a project, review and make adjustments in it, set and view a baseline, record project progress, create and format project reports, and send data to MS Excel.


After completion of all the chapters mentioned above, one will become proficient in –


  • Creating and managing simple projects.
  • Entering and managing tasks.
  • Working with a project calendar.
  • Managing project resources.
  • Creating basic project reports.


With MS Project training, a candidate can get educated in all of these areas, thus, getting one step closer in earning the designation of a project manager and a future filled with opportunities.