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Pitch the Idea of Team Building Activities to Increase Employee

Corporate life can be boring and stressful which can further lead to degradation of employees’ productivity. If you are already noticing dearth of energy in the office, it is now the best time to plan fun games and activities which can boost up the employees’ energy. It would also enhance the bonding among the members, reduce stress drastically and provide them a chance to know each other beyond the walls of office.


The types of team building activities for corporates are varied and serve different purposes; some of which are:


  • Communication based
  • Trust building activities
  • Problem solving activities that involve decision making
  • Planning activities that gauge adaptability


The common communication games:  


  • Truth and lie: This game is an ice-breaker. Each of the team members should stealthily write one lie and two truths about themselves on paper. After this, a group conversation is initiated just as it happens in any other leisure party. Each member can ask three questions to another. The idea behind it is to guess which statement is true and which is not. Then, an open voting is conducted. This ensures better understanding, communication and collaboration amongst employees.  
  • Break ice with one question: This game is especially effective in getting co-workers get along well. Each group consists of two participants where the leader chooses a scenario. This activity tends to be really fun and interactive.

Problem solving activities:



In this category, the games last for 30 minutes on an average.


  • Scavenger Hunt: A scavenger hunt on a pre-decided area can prove to be super fun and rewarding. Engaging in such an outdoor activity is not only incredibly fun but also healthy as the office-goers are exposed to fresh air.

P.S. – For this, you need to select the location carefully.

  • Egg Drop Challenge: This can get messy but extremely engaging. The entire group is split into two. The task is to make a package for the eggs so that it can sustain a drop of eight foot. Each of the teams is to present the highlights of their package prior the drop. This common goal insures communication and fruitful engagement among members.


Incorporating Improv events:



Improv workshop can be extremely creative and interactive. It will sharpen their soft-skills, trust and focus. The employees, after this, would call it a day amidst laughter and fulfilment. Improv games hone their competitive skills and bring them together at the same time.


Organising Cook offs:



This culinary activity works well for team building. The members split into small groups, come together and create new recipes. This involves creativity as well as team play and leadership. It is as simple as choosing a food category and getting started together. A fun twist can be incorporated like, a common ingredient, to make it more interesting.


Advantages of Corporate team building activities:


  • Corporate excursions make employees to be more ambitious. Analysis reveals that leaders can have better productivity and skills after engaging in team building activities.
  • Prepares for failure. Participating in challenging events and games make the employees ready for future failures and aid them in better handling of critical situations.
  • Rejuvenates self-importance. Breaking the monotony of office work, people gain confidence and self-trust through such events.


Corporate team building activities  are by far the best ways to instil energy amongst the employees and increase their productivity manifold.