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Personal Development 461 views Jul 10, 2018
How Does CCIE Training Prepare Candidates for the Examination?


Many candidates live with a belief that studying for the CCIE exam at home can easily earn them the certification. However, if one studies for the written test solo, without lab practices, sitting for this exam would be pointless.

This is why candidates opt for CCIE training  which includes lab practices as part of their course besides theoretical classes, vital for the exam. With such practices, one can become proficient in configuring the Cisco lab kits.

They can configure hardware, which would generally take 10 hours, in less than 7 hours or so. In addition to configuring, learning the commands and typing them with superfast speed is also a prime requirement for this exam.

Other than lab practices, here are the other ways in which a CCIE training programme prepares a candidate:

  1. Time management

Time management is the most significant aspect that candidates need to learn to pass the exam. This exam is divided into sections with each one carrying different marks. Institutes train candidates in time management so that they can complete all the sections within the specified time.  

Further, they also teach tips and tricks required to complete the lab configurations in the quickest way possible.

  1. Mock tests

Mock tests are critical for passing any exam, and this too requires the same. Training institutes conduct regular mock tests that help a candidate prepare for the written and lab exams.

Mock tests not only help candidates assess their knowledge, but also get them accustomed to the exam pattern. Reputed training institutes conduct these tests that can mimic the actual exams closely.

  1. Tutorial videos

Training institutes often provide tutorial videos that can help students study at home. These videos generally include an overview of the lab kits, brief explanation of significant topics, various slides, and last minute suggestions.

  1. Schedules

Scheduling study patterns of students is what the training institutes provide which assist them I managing time. An institute may provide the following 2 types of schedules to candidates:

  • Weekly

CCIE certification takes considerable time investment and for that, assigning few days for studying is of critical importance.

  • Long-term

Preparing for CCIE may take months and as such, institutes help candidates prepare a long-term study schedule.

Owing to its vast syllabus, combining both weekly and long-term schedules hold crucial significance for passing the CCIE exam.

One more perk – Guidance from industry certified faculty members:  

The faculty members who provide the training in these institutes hold years of knowledge in this field. Some of those individuals may hold a CCIE certification themselves; thus, students can get more insight into the topics and get proper guidance from experienced professionals.  

They provide assistance for both written and lab exams and teach various shortcuts that can help students during the exam. Thus, in this way, CCIE training can help all those aspiring candidates become successful in the exam and be certified in the first try.

Well, for this, all one has to do is enrol at a reputed and certified institute which has infrastructure for lab practices. 

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