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Family & Home 278 views Jul 09, 2018
The Best Grain Derived from Consumption of Ragi Atta

Ragi is a whole grain which is gluten-free and used mainly in South India. It is also rich in fiber and helps in the shredding of weight and other risks surrounding the body. It is packed with other health benefits and essential sources of Vitamin D, calcium, amino acids, etc.

Ragi flour (Atta) is prepared by crushing the dried grains and then powdering them to a fine form. Since Ragi is an excellent source of carbohydrate and the fine form can be consumed by anyone who uses it. Ragi has a pinnacle of high nutritional value and tops the chart for food grains. Ragi is also suitable for people who are gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant.

Benefits of Ragi Atta

Ragi is loaded with heaps of calcium and an essential element in the determining of your strong bone density even after ageing. It is one of the best source of calcium compared to other whole grains. It is a beneficiary when served to grow kids and can help in the extension of the process.

Ragi is loaded with dietary fibres and a must in your diet if you are planning to lose on some weight. It contains a glycemic index which lessens the food cravings and maintains the normal digestive pace of the system. Your blood sugar level can also be managed properly if it is consumed on a regular basis. 

Ragi contains iron and other extreme minerals which helps in the formation of haemoglobin levels in the blood. That is why Ragi is subjected to patients suffering from anaemia and other blood loss related diseases.

Ragi is an exceptional healer for repairing which are maintained in our body. If consumed on a daily basis then Ragi can also help in the controlling of levels of depression as well as anxiety in a person. It helps the body to calm down and cope up with the surroundings.

A breakdown of the Ragi Atta and the constituents of minerals and others

Ragi Atta contains various sources of metals and other forms of acids and Vitamin. A breakdown is provided below.


  • Carbohydrate - 70-80%, Protein- 5-12%, Fibre- 3%, Fat- 1-2%
  1. Minerals:
  • Calcium- 300, Iron level- 3%, Niacin- 1%
  1. Amino Acids:
  • Valine-594, Isoleucine-270, Threonine-260.

How to Buy the Best Ragi Online?

Buying items online can be tricky because the person is not physically present to look for the said item and demand it on his/her basis. Buying Ragi Atta Online can be subjected to different conditions at one time. A person should look for,

  • The best Ragi Atta which is provided by a certified source.
  • Before buying one must look out for the constituents and the crucial minerals surrounding it.
  • The brand should be certified and come from a trusted seller.
  • The price of the same items from different sources should be compared at first before buying.

Ragi Atta is a good source of whole grain to inject into the system. A lot of different delicacies can be formed with the help of this fine grain. So switch your regular Atta and go for the best.

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