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Family & Home 221 views Jul 07, 2018
7 Effective Strategies of Parenting to Lessen Your Toddler’s Ta

Parents, especially mothers, often become victims of toddlers’ hard-to-tackle irrational behaviours. A stubborn child encompassing few situations may also become violent with activities like destroying things, kicking and scratching others.


Hey, mommies, don’t freak out. With the help of these logical strategies sourced from some of the best parenting advice websites, you can master the art to combat your child’s behavioural issues and tantrums.


Set limits


Imposing certain limitations in a kid’s life allows him or her to stay aware of the reality in which he or she is living. If your obstinate kid demands something which is not feasible at the moment; simply don’t give more than required! Anything in excess will lead to spoilage.


Make them one of you


According to different child psychologists, kids especially between 2 and 5 years often try to fit into the shoes of adults. Try to being someone else is a major factor behind their violent nature.


So, make them feel just like one of you by involving them in few legitimate activities. E.g. tell your kid to help you in household chores. May be like giving you a spoon while eating.


Taking help from those little fingers can also add a Zen in your life!


Avoid negative language and canning


Restrain yourself from using provocative languages while your kid throws tantrums. It makes them more violent. Lastly, avoid canning at any cost as it’s of no good to those little souls.


Instead, just keep your calm and talk in a composed manner to deal with the situation, particularly in public. As children are tremendously sentimental in front of others and snugging kids in public places hurt their emotions.


Empathise and give validation to their feelings


Mommies, always remember; a child’s behaviour is seldom driven by logic. Their behaviour is entirely based on emotions.


Hence, sometimes, empathise with their emotional quotients to make them feel good. This is one of the best ways to have a control over their tantrums.


Avoid instant cave-ins


Many parents often bribe kids to do away with situations. Remember, in no means, bribery can be a solution.


To calm your child, make him/her understand the situation with logic or simply, distract away from the topic. Never encourage their instant wants, because doing so will increase their demands in future.


Provide two options with similar results


If you see your little one becoming way too headstrong with its demand or behaviour, give two options with a similar outcome.


For instance, if your baby bickers for not having medicine, have a following approach – “Will you want mum to give medicine now or a few minutes later?’’


Pretty easy to comprehend, right?


Hug Out


Okay! You know what? Your child solely counts on you in every moment. So, if your kid is not in a good mood and behaves out-of-control, simply embrace with a hug.


A sound hug can warm a kid’s heart and calm him/her. It helps in generating a soft behaviour from them.


Hope these tips will help you cope up with all those difficult and frustrating moments you have with your kids. After all, this is a phase when you too grow as a parent along with your kids.