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Shopping 389 views Jul 03, 2018
7 Tips to Consider before Buying Maharashtrian Bridal Jewelleri

Every Indian girl dreams of a perfect wedding ceremony with no scratch of mistakes in it. After years of anticipation and patience, when the D-day finally arrives, every woman just wants to be at her best.

Considering the fact, Maharashtrian would-be brides too vision the same maintaining all aesthetics. A Marathi bride with the unique mix of simplicity and elegance of bridal jewellery look no less than Goddess Parvati.

So, here comes a train of tips essential for all the Marathi brides-to-be before buying jewelleries:

Have a draft plan for the wedding dress

It is important to have an at least a draft idea about the bridal attire before buying bridal jewelleries. Unlike other cultures, brides of Maharashtra dress up in hues of sunshine yellow, leaf green and aubergine.

So, it is very important to have a notion about the wedding dress to customise Maharashtrian bridal jewellery.

Start the hunt at least a few months before

Have a thorough market research about latest price of gold and making charges. This will allow a would-be-bride to get access to best possible designs available at market with right price.

Adhere to the budget

Crossing the budget can impart nightmares. So, it’s advisable to stick to a particular budget. Decide if the bridal collection is going to be an investment or a luxury to cherish for years.

Buying gold can be alluring, but one must be aware of the budget and cut the cloth accordingly.

Go for mix n match

It’s not necessary to match up everything and give a mundane look. Mix and match with colour contrast.

Never overdo with frills jewelleries sets as sometimes less can be more. Moreover, keeping a versatile range of jewelleries in the collection is also an effective way to get decked up at the main ceremony.

Have a knack towards classic designs

Most of the Maharashtrian brides inherit bridal jewelleries from their prior generations. So, if a would-be bride has the chance to acquire traditional jewelleries from her families, it’s better to opt for few contemporary collections of assets.

However, on the other hand, if a bride lacks the valuable treasure from her family side, choosing classy, elegant design will add a zing to her wedding jewellery.

Choose designs as per the shape of the face

Girls with round face need to duck the usage of broad jewelleries on face as it may make a bride’s face fuller.

Again, a bride with an oval shaped face needs to avoid long neck pieces, as it elongates her facial appearance.

Always buy from reputable buyers

Jewelleries are something more than investments and wedding essentials. So buying from most reputed brands or jewellers is the smart way to assure best quality of metal.

Jewellers of great repute always believe in genuinity and serve customers according to the government rules. So, make sure to count every penny.

Maharashtrian bridal jewellery furnishes a quintessential look to the brides. Hence it needs a little logic and time to fetch best of the best amongst a plethora of options.

Make your wedding jewellery and the day special by considering the above tips. Hope these will help you out!