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Evergreen Pendant: 5 Designs Every Woman Should Own!

A fan of traditional neckwear or leaning towards style statements, every woman loves to flaunt her neckline with alluring pendant designs. Pendants are also small ornamental pieces that dangle from an earring, bracelet, brooch, etc. Some of these ornaments have dominated since the pre-historic era.

History of Indian jewellery is smeared with gold pendant designs on necklaces, bangles, earrings and anklets. Our Indian women, mostly Hindus, still love wearing this small ornamental décor on their mangalsutras along with other neckpieces and earrings. These trinkets add the required gusto to jewellery’s simplicity.

As these pendants and lockets continue to entice Indian women, the men aren’t so far behind either. And it is a saying about these adorable little pieces that, “While all jewellery is personal, a pendant is perhaps the most personal of all.”

True to the saying, these pendants witness the most of customisations. People love getting them in perfect shapes and sizes with personal initials or symbols carved on them, with gold pendant designs being most famous of all.

So, here are some evergreen designs of these small ornamental pieces that you must own and exhibit.

5 Evergreen Pendant Designs You Should Not Miss -

Casual trinkets:

These are versatile and classic pendant designs that add up dazzle to your daily looks. These pendants are available in various types of metals, stones and arts like motifs, flowers, symmetrical figures, etc.  They are high in style and affordability, and thus a go-to choice for trendsetters.

Pendants with gemstones:

They come in subtle to bold lines of style and have rare and precious gems like emerald, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, citrine and many other exotic types. These pendants bring vibrancy and sparkle when adorned around the neckline.

Moreover, each gemstone is associated with different human attributes like loyalty, love, faithfulness and many more, also making them suitable as birthstones.

Embellished with pearls:

Pearls are the archetypal ornamental item that can never go out of trend and encompasses generations. People wear these pendants as a symbol of wealth, love and luck. They have a classic appeal that can go perfectly with any attire and bring simplicity. Be it formal or casual; you can match it with any look you want to carry.

Statement lockets:

Easy to blend in with the current trend, these statement lockets are a favourite among girls. They have customisation to project the right style statement. You can get these statement pieces in a variety of materials.

Women prefer to choose from gold pendant designs and wear them as a symbol of religion like ‘Aum’ or a ‘Swastik’.

Symbols of love:

Pendants are a hot favourite among couples. People give it to their beloved as a symbol of love. And, most of the times these designs are heart-shaped with little inscriptions of their names and other initials. They can also be double heart pendants with little images of the couple inserted inside. No wonder, women fancy owning these symbols of love.

So, don’t wait to include these sparkly little pieces of elegance in your jewellery collection. The festive season is abundant with new and fresh designs. Make the most of it.