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Other 413 views Oct 09, 2018
How is Atal Nagar’s CBD proving to be The Model India will Soon

The concept of smart cities in India is not entirely new. Visionary politicians, including former PM P.V. Narasimha Rao and former CM of West Bengal, Dr B.C. Roy, already had a concept of smart urban and semi-urban cities several decades back. It was this current ruling dispensation at the centre, the NDA, led by BJP, which took an official stance on this long-overdue issue.

India’s smart city project was launched with much fanfare in 2015. Most such municipalities are yet to take off, others beset by infrastructural or decision-making lapses.

The picture is indeed gloomy.

This is where Atal Nagar, formerly known as New Raipur, shines like a beacon in the darkness, showing other cities and states how it is done. Of particular note is the CBD in Atal Nagar, which, sooner rather than later, will be a model for other cities to emulate.

Atal Nagar formula

The reason behind Atal Nagar’s lustre has three main points: a robust decision-making process, the right mixture of technology and urban planning, and this process of land rehabilitation in Atal Nagar.

Returning to CBD in Atal Nagar, here are all three areas where it has set high standards. The success of this model city is a superb and timely example of what federal and state governments, along with local authorities, can achieve if they decide to work together.

3 ways where Central Business District in Atal Nagar stands out

Almost all of the major cities have a CBD. New Raipur, Atal Nagar now, was late join to the bandwagon. But these three points given below will spell out how the late entrant is turning the tide.

Planning and executing projects

Raipur’s CBD is divided into two separate areas, one commercial and one retail, both with their respective governing councils. This retail complex is a B+G+6 storied building complete with restaurants and roof-top dining facilities. Offices are on the second floor and up. The ground and the first floors house shops and other commercial establishments.

This commercial complex has taller buildings and is spread over larger areas. Both these entities have the state-of-the-art fire-fighting equipment, emergency exits, and industrial scale air conditioning.

Mixing business and recreation

A problem with real estate in India and its developmental aspect is poor planning. Atal Nagar’s CBD blends the two much-needed products a globally competitive smart city’s biz hub needs: work and fun. You can thus leave your office in the evening and head on straight to a cafeteria of your choice. Spend quality time with friends or colleagues.

The world over, the way of doing business is changing. While those changes are coming to India, their percolation is slow. Atal Nagar has shown how these new-age ideas should be implemented.

Going green

The CBD in Atal Nagar is one of the city’s avant-garde aspects where green living is the buzzword. LED streetlights brighten up the leafy avenues without wasting electricity. Garbage disposal is smart and sewage treatment plants state-of-the-art. Add rainwater harvesting to this list, and you have a city that never sleeps, with an environment-friendly demeanour.

Building the future a step at a time

It is small wonder that many global businesses are making a beeline to the town. More will come, and soon. Atal Nagar promises much and delivers well. A model city indeed, wouldn’t you agree?

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