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Business 300 views Oct 03, 2018
How are Brand Advocates and Influencers Different in Leveraging

Social networking sites have become one of the effective platforms for driving growth. Businesses implement marketing techniques on these platforms to leverage their sales, revenue and recognition. One of the ways they do this is by tapping the potential of brand advocates and brand influencers.

The two terms are used interchangeably in many instances because both help leverage the business. However, they are very different regarding origin, operation and the results they bring.

Both come with their set of good and bad effects. So, here is a breakdown of how the two are different in leveraging the business’s brand value and recognition.

Brand influencers:

You may find a lot of posts on your social media doing rounds with hashtag bearing ‘ad’ or ‘sponsored’ attached to them. Brand influencers endorse them. The company or website hires them for getting some extra recognition out of their fame.

These people are generally well-known individuals in their field of expertise and carry a considerable fan following. They generate a significant ROI with their endorsements for a product or a brand.

So how does a brand influencer leverage a business?

Through mutually beneficial collaborations

These people are well-recognised, and an established relationship with them brings remarkable benefits to the business as well as to them. Working with an influencer gives you the opportunity to interchange guest blogs, podcast interviews, co-authored blogs, and many more.

You can upload these collaborated contents on any of the social media platforms and gain audiences and readers.

Through an increased reach of influencer’s network

A benefit of hiring brand individuals is that they come with an existing network you can conveniently tap into. You get a wide range of exposure because they post or publish these contents on their social pages. The followers on their network will notice this and navigate to your page to know more about what you offer.

Brand advocates:

Brand advocates are people who love your brand and take it upon themselves to spread the satisfaction they received from working with you. It can be your employee, your business partner, your suppliers, your customers or anyone associated with you.

Unlike influencers, they do not have a network base, but what they profess is earnest, thus garnering trust and loyalty. Any highly satisfied stakeholder or associate can be your brand advocate.

How do brand advocates help in leveraging business?

They help in building goodwill

Brand advocacy is more about generating goodwill than anything else. These advocates take personal initiatives to spread the word to their peer group about the satisfaction they received from a product. Mostly these people are near and dear ones of an advocate who trust his/her advice and recommendation. A brand that gets a mention from advocates is sure to create trust and goodwill in people’s mind.

They bring newer customers through referrals

Referrals are a great way to convert leads into customers, creating an altogether new customer base for the business. A reference or word of mouth recommendation from brand advocates can significantly affect their peers, friends and relatives.

Besides these leverages that the two provide, they are different in the sense that influencers bring paid recognition while a business gains advocates by delivering satisfaction.

Picked a side yet?

You can opt for hiring an influencer or creating strategies that generate brand advocate according to the benefits you need. Give your business leverage with anyone and generate higher sales, recognition and trustworthiness.