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General 4,236 views Jun 29, 2018
Follow the guidelines below and you will be able to write a col

The college paper is a parameter that determines whether a student has the ability to absorb the lessons learned. To note, writing is one of the most appreciated skills in the campus environment, as well as discussing and expressing opinions. However, the facts speak that most students do not have the ability to write college papers well. They may be able to write the paper but the results are not in accordance with the predefined standard format. I, personally, have had some unfortunate occasions about 2 years ago in my attempt to best term papers.

What must be realized is that writing lectures can't be equated with informal writing. It must meet the usual conditions set by the university concerned. There is, of course, a kind of universal pattern followed by most universities, the pattern we will discuss next. What distinguishes between college papers and ordinary papers is that in college papers, the credible sources must be provided. You must make sure that every argument presented has a scientific basis from previous studies. This is something that many lay writers find difficult to fulfill. Creative writing is not very necessary in this scope.

In the United States, high schools teach their students to write five paragraph style, something that will be continued by them as they continue their education in college. Most students are not ready to face college paper assignments because they are familiar with the five paragraph patterns. They are also not accustomed to providing verifiable information, including interviews, books and newspapers. Five paragraph style tends to be more suitable for a variety of creative writing.

A pattern that distinguishes between college papers with ordinary informal writing

There is a certain pattern that is believed to distinguish between college papers with ordinary informal writing, which is the thesis statement. In most traditional papers, the first paragraph is what contains thesis statements and for certain college papers, the first paragraph is the most challenging paragraph. This is the paragraph that guides the next paragraphs to form a unity of ideas in accordance with the usual format applied at the college level.

How to improve the quality of college papers

To be honest there are many ways that can be done to improve the quality of college paper created. You can take paper writing courses, read many college papers and enrich your reference sources. However there is no more natural way than by increasing your reading hours. With diligent reading, then you will naturally know which parts to include and which parts should be removed from your college paper. Higher readability also makes it easier for someone to realize what is in their minds into a string of words on paper.


Uniqueness is basically a mandatory thing that is not limited to writing college papers. However, in writing college papers, the uniqueness is the most emphasized. You are absolutely forbidden to commit plagiarism in any form and for every quotation you must include the source.

The above points are what should be your concern when you are assigned to make a college paper. Hope this post helps.