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Travel 347 views Aug 28, 2018
Cool things to do in Cuba

Cuba has an interesting and distinct culture which brims with history. Travellers can enjoy alluring landscapes, many buildings with historical importance and cultural things such as cigars and perfumes. Spread over 44,200 square miles, Cuba smells of rolling farmland, rugged mountains, small villages, urban cities and whiter-than-white beaches. Just 90 miles off the coast of Key West, Florida, Cuba openly welcomes you. But, what can you do over there to make your trip worthwhile?

Street Dancing

It might sound a little weird to you but dancing at the Callejon de Hemel is a normal daily thing in the life of a local. Live music is spontaneous, and the Afro-Cuban moves is a hypnotic attraction for tourists. Prepared to be sucked into the Cuban culture and get your body moving to the rhythm; if you’re doing it wrong, a friendly Cuban might show you the moves! This area is also well-known for its bold African murals all over the walls, which is a great backdrop for vacation photos. Warm your hips and be there preferably on Sunday afternoons.

Water Sporting

Many would say that Trinidad is frozen in time. Whether it’s a positive or negative thing, it makes it an interesting place to visit. The well-maintained old buildings and colonial designs makes it a fascinating destination. Even more visit-able are the Caribbean beaches! The top-notch ones are located at Casilda Bay, where the clear pale blue waters permit you to snorkel and dive. And, if you’re on a ‘let-me-relax’ holiday mood, the sand beaches are just great for lazing around and to sip on more mojitos than you can take. Feeling adventurous already? You can feel like you’re on holiday by enjoy the best adventure slots at Spin and Win Casino! These slot games will take you to amazing destinations such as beaches, forests and islands, to enjoy a casual escape anywhere you are!

Rolling your own cigar

The must-do thing in Cuba is indeed to roll your own cigar, for photographic evidence! The fine tobacco comes from nearby Cuban countryside and it’s totally worth a try. It is transported to Havana and the factories, called habanos, is where the exclusive Cuban cigars are neatly rolled. If you’re passing by Havana, you can arrange for habano tours. The best factory to learn to roll your cigar is Partagos factory.

Exploration in a ‘50s car

Want to complete your trip with an out-of-this-world highlight? You could cruise around Havana in an open top ‘50s relic! It’s the best way to admire the place and to feel like a local. Drive by the coast of the atmospheric Malecon and appreciate the ramshackle yet pretty colonial towers. You can either hire a car and drive yourself for a grand experience, or you can either hire a driver and get a full tour, should you wish for.

Apart from these cool things, Cuba has much more to offer! For instance, other worthwhile things you could do are looking at Havana through convex lens, dressing from head to toe in Che Guevera gear or popping around Hemingway’s for a drink! The adventure begins when you want it to. Hola Cuba!