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Technology 1,179 views Oct 10, 2018
MPLS: Is it the Best for Your Business?

Want to know which WAN offers the best connectivity for your business? The answer is MPLS, and it has many advantages that make it a preferred choice for numerous organizations across the globe.

MPLS Advantages Are Aplenty


Scalability- If you are looking for robust scalability, then you should prefer MPLS. When you go for it, you can rest assured that the performance you are going to get will be by your expectation. These can be scaled to as many sites as needed. Many large-scale organizations are running on MPLS world over.

Security-If you are looking for MPLS network security, then you get it with MPLS. Every customer is provided with a separate routing domain to make sure that a company’s data and the communication are isolated.

Presence- A key reason why MPLS is preferred is the network presence. You can use the MPLS to grow the interconnectivity of the network by using the minimal addition to the hardware.  You can use MPLS for interconnecting data centers and the branch offices and branches that are there at other location.


Quality of Service-With MPLS you get many connectivity options which will empower you to treat the latency sensitivity traffic like VoIP.   With the help of traffic engineering, you can send the data traffic over a lower priority path and real-time delay-sensitive voice and other packets over a path that is a high priority and is less used and is shortest in the path. It means that your network is ready for convergence and you can use it for the services like the voice, video, multicast traffic, and hosting, etc.


Redundancy-If you are looking for network redundancy which can overcome individual faults or the line disconnections.  In all such cases, the data is routed through the next path that is optimum and offers the failover time of 50 microseconds or less.  Even the last mile connections can be backed up.  


Service Level Agreement- The service provider generally provides an SLA for MPLS networks with an assurance of the minimal downtime. It is because the MPLS network can be monitored and maintained as well.


International Connectivity- If you have a presence across the globe, then there are options with the service providers to connect the different locations with the help of MPLS by sharing and interconnecting the MPLS in their country.


Still, Have Doubts?

There is no doubt that MPLS offers the best WAN connectivity and the MPLS network security is also the best, so it is the best choice for your business.