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General 60 views Jun 13, 2018
Advice for Parenting a Confident Teen

As it is defined, confidence is the belief that you will be successful. It is crucial that you help your teen build self-confidence, as well as confidence in their abilities and various activities. Trust also involves building resilience in teens, which is the ability to come back from a painful experience and learn from it. Teen years are a time of developmental growth when people experience a dip in self-confidence. So as a parent, you can help to make sure your teen can bounce back from conflict and become a better person for it.

There are plenty of things a parent can do for their teen children to build confidence in life and themselves. When children are confident, they are more likely to be enthusiastic about what they love, persistent, confident and more assertive and engaged. When you are teaching your children this crucial skill, you want to be practical in your approach. Be careful not to lecture, as this lesson will either feel less than genuine or just status quo to teens - they can sense whether mom and dad genuinely want to help.

Provide your children with opportunities to try new things. Your teen may feel too nervous or anxious to try out for the school play or the volleyball team, and that is understandable. However, if they express the need to engage in these activities help them practice and audition regardless of the outcome. We can never know unless we try.

If the school play or volleyball team do not work out for your teen, do not allow them to get bogged down with rejection. After all, everyone makes mistakes. It can be a hard pill to swallow, but gently remind your teen that there will be other opportunities going forward without seeming forceful. Share your own stories of failure and let them know that these falls are what make us all human. Still, even as these issues seem trivial to you, listen to your teen's plight and make them feel heard.

The best way to raise self-confident teens is to have confidence in yourself, your parenting, and your professional or personal life. It will encourage your child to be confident, especially if you are someone they have always looked up to. Remind him not to focus on mistakes but future opportunities, to make direct eye contact and to speak his mind tactfully.

When it comes to building up confidence in your children and resilience for teenagers, be patient, mindful, knowledgeable and practice what you preach.