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Business 368 views Aug 09, 2018
Corporate team building ideas your employees will not hate

Have you noticed that your employees seem tired, and they do not form the same team they used to do it? Well, this is often the result of the fact that the only time they spend together is the one at the office. They need time to bond and get to know each other at a more personal level, because they need to appreciate and respect one another in order to work successfully together. A successful team is a team that trust each other, and you are the one who has to offer them the opportunity to know each other outside the office. Team buildings are an amazing opportunity to bond with the other employees of the company, and it helps them reduce the stress level. And where you count that they are really fun. It requires some work on your part, but you will notice the results from the moment you get back at the office. But how can you find the perfect team building idea.

Organise a scavenger hunt

Talk to your team and ask them if they would like to have a scavenger hunt. Instead of coming to work, they would go around the town, organised in multiple groups and search for an item you decide together. You can organise the scavenger hunt, or you can search for guidelines online. If this is your first activity of this type, then it is advisable to ask for a little help. If you have employees who have children, you can ask for their help, because they definitely have experience with this activity. The result of this event is that your team will enjoy facing the challenges and they will have the opportunity to spend some time together out of the office. You can act as the photographer of the groups, because it is not advisable to become a member of one of the groups. You can take silly pictures and place them in the office to let people know how much fun they had at the team building.

Take them to a cooking class

Nowadays, few people know how to cook, so if you noticed that your employees prefer catering food, it may be a sign that they have no idea what dishes they can prepare. You can take them to a cooking class, but you should be prepared, because it may be a success or it may be a disaster. You should talk to the chef to teach them how to prepare some simple dishes they can cook for taking with them to the office. Also, you can divide the group of employees and challenge them to prepare the same type of food. The chef will decide which one of the groups win the contests. It does not matter if they will prepare pizza, ice cream or a simple salad, it is important they to collaborate to do it. They will use their creativity and they will have great memories for when they will get back to work.

Organise a board game night

If your employees are geeks then you will find difficult to get them out of the office, but you can organise a team building activity right there. You will have to discover what type of board games they prefer, and to split them into multiple teams. They will not have second thoughts if they should leave their desk or if they should play board games. You can bring them card games or you can bring them more complex games that require strategies and teamwork. You should offer prizes for the winners because in this way you motivate them to work harder to win the games.

Sport activity

If you want to help your employees spend time in a manner that helps them improve the quality of their lifestyle, then you should consider the option of organising some sports activities. One amazing game is netball, and companies from all around the world organise tournaments of netball. You can take part in this type of tournaments if you train your team, and you are good enough to face the team of your competitors. If you do not know where to play social netball in London you should check online, because there are multiple providers that offer all the conditions you need.

Involve yourself in volunteering activities

If you will support a good cause, it will help you bond as a team. Volunteering is one of the activities that help people know each other better and get closer to one another. You should choose a cause all of you trust, and organise activities to help that cause. One idea is to organise tournaments of sports matches and to ask your employees to sell tickets to their families and friends. The specialists from Netbusters London Netball state that netball is one of the sports that will offer the spectators a reason to cheer up and will keep the players active. 

Organise a karaoke night

No one says that your employees are contestants for The Voice, but this does not mean that you cannot have a lot of fun if you organise a karaoke night. You will have to ask every one of your employees put on the list two or three songs they would like to sing, and then book a bar where there are organised karaoke nights. There you will have all the equipment you need, the booze you like and your employees will have the possibility to enjoy each other’s company. If your employees are extrovert this will be a great activity, but if they have different personalities, you should expect the karaoke night to not be a success from the first time.

Explore together

Pick a destination neither of you went, and plan a short vacation. Few things bring more joy to people that exploring a new place for a new day. You will have to inform yourself, because you will have to be the guide. If you choose a new town, then you should bring them to the historic centre of the town and you should take them to dinner at one of the restaurants.  

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