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Business 730 views Aug 08, 2018
Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

Marketing strategies aren’t exclusive to those businesses with a generous revenue, and this can be confirmed by the increasing number of small, family-owned businesses, that pull off incredible approaches on a shoestring budget. In many cases, these enterprises lack the generous finances that many think that are necessary for a multi-faceted advertising campaign. But these businesses somehow manage to pull off a quite effective marketing campaign. If you wonder how do they manage this, keep reading below for some insightful pieces of advice.

Email Marketing

Sending emails is, fortunately, free. And if you want to start your marketing campaign without any kind of budget for it, you could start by putting together an email list and designing an email marketing campaign. When starting a business, you most certainly have some kind of expertise in the industry. Well, a great approach for your email marketing campaign would be to start sharing some free information for those out there who might be interested in your products or services at a point in time. However, you have to make sure that you choose the recipients of your email carefully. Growing your email list is the first step that you should consider. You could manage the whole email marketing campaign for free from your main account, but there are several services that will make it easier for you in the long run. The service used should make the newsletter sign up process fairly easy. Nobody likes it when they have to spend 10 entire minutes only to sign up for a newsletter. Also, you should make privacy a rule of thumb. With so many data leaks that took place recently, it’s normal for people to become reluctant when offering their email addresses. Point out the incredible data safety strategy that you implemented in your campaign.   

Turn customers into your salesforce

When dealing with a restricted marketing budget, you have to carefully cultivate a “salesforce” mentality in your customers. And this can be easily accomplished by investing in a referral program. By offering discounts with every recommendation made, this will make your sales go through the roof. Although an old practice, it has an amazing potential in terms of increasing sales. Turn your clients into your partners, on a budget, and they will certainly make your business a profitable one.

Banners, banners, banners

Another old practice, but an incredibly effective one, popup banner stands have an incredible potential when it comes to making your business more popular on the local market. If you have a physical store, you can also install those in the proximity of your store. Advertise the latest offers and sales campaigns, and you should be just fine. These banners have an incredible potential and offer a generous number of advantages, when properly used. These products are versatile enough to be used by businesses with restricted budgets, depending on the campaign they wish to advertise, they are affordable; they are incredibly efficient, being easy to carry around at exhibitions and various other events, due to their compact dimensions; they have an incredible potential in raising brand awareness locally, and not only. Invest in an upper budget version to create a design that will be difficult to forget by your target audience, and you’ll be all set up for real business.

Content Marketing

We said it before, and we’ll keep on saying it: content is king in today’s business environment. And if you want an effective online marketing campaign, you should concentrate on a collaboration with a skilful writer.

As experts claim, a well-written article has the potential to drive profitable customer action. Which translates into sales. Below are some ways in which this approach to marketing will boost your sales.

  • Boost brand awareness. In this case, the content writer will develop a content that will expose the advantages offered by your business. They will accentuate the fact that your company answers to a series of your public’s needs.
  • Educate your audience. Educational content seems to have an incredible potential in today’s online environment. People love it when they are taught how to use certain products or how they can deal with various matters themselves. Well, a great approach to this matter is creating the educational content your audience loves, and integrating into there, some insightful details on your products.
  • Trust and credibility. Online content contributes to your marketing campaign just like display stands By creating a feeling of trust and security regarding your products. When advertising a product on a budget, it’s important to emphasize the advantages and solutions offered by your products. You can’t simply expose your audience to them, but you have to earn their consideration, earn their trust. Needless to say, people won’t invest their finances in products with a shady character, but in certain things. Products or services that are tested by others. And if you offer enough information on how your products can be used and what solutions they offer, you win their trust.
  • Drives traffic and profitable leads. Content marketing is incredibly resourceful in terms of website traffic and profitable lead generation. The rule of thumb is driving the right traffic to your website, and you can turn it into leads. This is why a collaboration with a skilful and resourceful content expert will benefit your business enormously. Your content has to be engaging enough, it should tell a story and it should do it in quite of a personal fashion if you want to turn traffic into leads.

As for financial help

Getting the right kind of financial aid will help you to implement a better marketing strategy, especially when juggling with a shoestring budget. Consider the crowdfunding option as a reliable one. Tell a story well enough, and you will raise the necessary money for more complex campaigns. This will help you in the long run and it is a far better alternative than accessing a loan from a bank.

These simple strategies don’t require plenty of money to be implemented and can be easily implemented even when the financial resources of your business are quite slim.

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