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Entertainment 270 views Feb 18, 2020
Love dancing? Here's how to transform it from a hobby into a pr

Lucky and blessed are those of us who can follow their passions and convert them into their profession. Boredom will never step in, you will never regret investing money and time in it, and, the best part of it all, you will get paid for doing what you love to do

Yet, converting a hobby into a profession isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to dancing. There’s a huge difference between goofing around your house on your favourite song and performing on the stage of a famous theatre. 

It takes real talent, practice, and a little bit of luck to stand out of the crowd and succeed in the dance industry.  Especially since data shows that, in 2019, there were over 17 thousand dancers and choreographers in employment in the UK. So, the competition is fierce out there. 

So, if you’re committed to transforming your love for dance into a career, here’s what steps you should take into becoming a professional dancer:

Find a dance style that represents you 

First things first, growing your hobby into a career needs to start with getting a clearer idea of what exactly about dancing you are passionate of. Going out regularly to dance with your friends or dancing in your living room doesn’t truly give you an idea of which dancing style represents you the best. 

There are over 100 dance styles in the world but for sure there is one of them that you are keen on and like the best. And, you know what they say: less is more. Whether you like hip-hop, folk, salsa, tango, or you name it, you must first choose one or two dance styles and focus on improving your dancing skills for these dancing styles. The more specific you get about a dance style, the better you can focus on getting better at the dance moves that represent it. 

Find a source of inspiration

Finding a source of inspiration for your hobby shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, for sure you already have a favourite dancer whose performances you follow.  

How can a source of inspiration help you? First of all, it can help you stay motivated to achieve your goal of becoming a professional dancer. As you see your idol performing on large stages all around the world, your dreams of becoming just as a famous dancer as they are will continue to grow. 

Moreover, since your idol is a professional, he or she is certainly a very talented dancer. Therefore, you can easily learn from them a move or two or how to be more expressive through dancing. Simply analyse your idol’s combination of choreography and techniques and include them in your dancing. 

Most professional dancers also often share their knowledge with novice dancers to help them improve their skills. For example, Craig Revel Horwood, the famous dancer, choreographer, and Strictly Come Dancing judge, often shares his dancing tips with his fans. On Craig's official site you can find more information about his career which might be a powerful source of inspiration for you to pursue your passion. 

Practice, practice, practice

Like it or not, no one becomes a professional dancer overnight. It takes constant practice if you want to become a famous dancer and dance in the largest stages all around the world. And, remember that whether you practice at home or take dance classes, like with any other hobby, becoming better takes patience and commitment. 

First thing first, in order to improve your dancing skills, you must first identify your weaknesses. For example, some of the most common weaknesses dances have are going ahead of the music, losing balance when making a turn, becoming rough once exhaustion hits, or looking at the floor during the entire performance. 

However, every dancer has different weaknesses or challenges. So, you must learn yours. A good idea would be to record yourself while dancing and then analyse the video to spot the mistakes you make often or what you can improve about the posture or a certain move. 

Next, you must become more familiar with the concept of sharpness in dancing. In dancing, sharpness represents the different use of speeds and sudden stops to make your moves more interesting and engaging. So, you may want to practice your reflexes in order to wipe off the amateur look when you dance. 

Take dance classes

Like it or not, there is no better way to learn how to dance like a professional than to be thought by experts from the industry. 

Whether or not you become a professional dancer in the future, taking dance classes already has enough benefits to make you sign up for the classes. From the mental and physical health benefits to the opportunity to connect with other professionals from the industry, taking dance classes is sure-fire going to take you one step closer to transforming your passion into a profession. 

You will connect with and learn from world-class dancers and choreographers which is the best strategy to improve your dancing skills and to be seen by the right pair of eyes. 

Get online 

Like with any other profession, once you will become a professional dancer, it will be like running your own business. And, like with any other business, you will have to promote your services, artistic performances in your case. 

Yet, until that moment, your main goal should be to take the word about your dancing skills out there in the world. And what better way to do it in today’s digital era than getting online. 

Here’s the good news: social media networks got your back when it comes to promoting your dancing skills and building a career out of your passion too. Social media gives you unlimited opportunities these days including exposure and networking, inspiration and ideas, auditions and new opportunities, and even constructive criticism. 

So, use the powers social media has today as a strategy to show the world how good of a dancer you are and to make sure that you get seen by the right pair of eyes that will give you the opportunity you need to become a professional dancer. 

Transforming your passion for dancing into a career won’t be easy. It takes patience, practice, and incredible marketing skills to make sure you will be noticed. However, all the struggle won’t matter anymore when you will be a star. 


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