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213 views Jan 22, 2020
Puerto Rico – A Little Paradise in Gran Canaria

Are you wondering where you might like to spend your next holiday? Do you like winter temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius and with less than three rainy days per month? How about waking up to a view of the ocean?

If all this got you excited, then Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is the place for you!

Gran Canaria is one of Spain’s Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 150 km from the northwestern coast of Africa. It’s the third largest island of the archipelago (the other two are Tenerife and Mallorca) and the second in terms of population.  

Cristopher Columbus stopped here as well, in 1492, on his first trip to the Americas.  

Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be convinced that there’s no point staying at home, especially if your home happens to be a country that wasn’t blessed with an equally warm climate. 

The Beaches

Puerto Rico has a beautiful beach, perfect for sun worshippers that can’t wait to get away from the harsh winter at home. You’ll get to meet plenty of Germans, Scandinavians and Britons who fit this description perfectly. Golden sand and blue, calm water as far as the eyes can see. If you just can’t get enough, you can also visit the Amadores Beach within walking distance. In case you want to visit a beach with very fashionable boutiques we recommend Anfi Beach

While you’re promenading, there are plenty of little stores where you can get souvenirs, swimwear and beach equipment, not to mention the many restaurants and beach bars where you can enjoy fresh smoothies and international dishes under the sun umbrellas. 


If you’re looking for hotels in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria there’s plenty to choose from so whether you want luxury, family friendly, bed and breakfast or Airbnb, you’re bound to find just the right place. 

You just have to do a little research online and you’re going to find lots of nice offers with lots of reviews.

Feel Like Shopping?

The Mogán Mall has opened recently and it offers 15,000 square meters of facilities, 71 commercial spaces, fifteen restaurants and bars and 750 parking spaces. You’ll see brands like Levi’s, Timberland, Mango, Lacoste, RKS, Base Sports and JD Sports. 

Another option is Shopping Center Puerto Rico which is open air and boasts a wide array of clothing stores, souvenir shops, leather goods, bars, restaurants and clubs. This place is considered the heart of the resort, so don’t underestimate the clubs! It was build in the 70s but has undergone a recent renovation.

Here you’ll also find barber shops, beauty salons, gyms and tattoo parlors. 

A third option (but there are more) is the Europa Shopping Center which is very focused on tourists so you’ll have plenty of international dishes to try and most bars offer happy hours. If the happy hour offers get you in the mood for singing, you’ll be glad to know that there’s karaoke on the menu as well. 

Maybe you’re bringing the kids along and in that case you can opt for Barbacoa where they can play arcade games, jump on the trampolines, play tennis or a nice, friendly game of mini-golf.  

Fun in the Ocean

Puerto Rico is all about water sports! There are boat trips to see dolphins and whales, you can go jet skiing, diving, snorkeling, parasailing, kayaking and so on. 

You’ll have no trouble finding a certified diving school which can offer courses from beginner to advanced and where you can rent the equipment. Then you can explore the marine life, shipwrecks and caves. 

If you want to take exploring above water, you could join a jet ski tour and combine sightseeing with the adrenaline rush of jumping over waves full speed ahead. 

In case you still want to be above water but at a more relaxed pace, how about a lovely kayak tour? You could go snorkeling or simply take in the impressive scenery. You don’t have to be a kayak expert, there are tours for all experience levels and all age groups. 

Our favorite is parasailing because it combines the thrill of the speed and altitude with the absolute freedom you get from feeling like you can fly. You also get a bird’s eye view of the turquoise blue water, splendid palm-lined sandy beaches and the rocky ravines. 


If you like big-game fishing, this will be your dreamland. Puerto Rico holds a record for deep-sea fishing but you’ll get opportunities for bottom fishing as well. The main species you’ll find in this region are marlin, snapper, tuna, groupers, eels, seabass, swordfish and sometimes sharks. You can rent a boat just for yourself and go out with the crew, share the cost with a group of friends or mingle with the other tourists and make some new friends. 

Perhaps you’ve never experienced the excitement that comes with big-game fishing but you’ll get the chance to do so now. There are many experienced crews that can teach you and since there are so many tourists coming here all years, you don’t need to worry about speaking Spanish. You’ll get all the instructions you need both before and after the catch. 

Golf Course

Anfi Tauro just so happens to be a 18-hole championship golf course with an area of over 650,000 square meters which opened in 2006. You can enjoy not only the entertaining game, but also the remarkable landscape: lush green gardens, waterfalls, lakes – all bordered by volcano shaped mountains. 

For the Kids - Angry Birds Activity Park

Maybe you’re planning on having a family vacation, in which case you can take the kids to the Angry Birds Park. They’ll 5000 square meters of learning through play and there’s something for all ages. 

By something we mean climbing walls, zip lines, skating, racing circuit, a laser maze, mini golf, foam parties, soccer, basketball, volleyball, parkour track and lots more. 

Oh, and of course, snack bar and souvenir shop. They also organize birthday parties and special events.